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enterprise mobile app
By GROWTHWALT 569 views

Enterprise Mobile App Trends- Everything You Need To Know

Mobile technology has completely transformed everyone’s life. With the continuous advancement in technology, our way of working, thinking, and interacting has completely changed. Even various major businesses from all over the world have adopted mobile apps to boost their business performance. Its size doesn’t matter; as all businesses are taking advantage of enterprise mobile app technology.

With the collaboration of a mobile app development company in India, every large enterprise or organization has come up with solutions that increase their productivity and communication. And they believe that how Enterprise mobility is essential for an organization’s growth. It has become a huge trend that includes customer satisfaction, engagement, and workforce mobilization.

With the right enterprise mobility solution, an organization can increase its working efficiency and get a good ROI. If you are running a company and also want to stand out from others then you will have to adopt Enterprise mobility trends.

Here are some of the best enterprise mobility trends you can consider to provide your customers with a better experience.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) For A Batter Experience

Mobile devices are used by employees to increase the efficiency of their work. Thus, new features are being integrated into mobile technology for improving the functionalities of devices and aiding users. The advanced features include AI assistants like Siri which takes care of many functions for the user with just a voice command.

In the coming year will Artificial intelligence tech getting more popular and many enterprises using it to reduce human tasks. It means that employees will have enough time to work on a more important project.

Just like consumers use AI Siri or Google assistant for smooth work, employees will be able to adopt this technology in enterprise apps for various platforms running on different OS. It will help them to work efficiently and effectively.  Many companies have already started using technology that uses AI. There might be some concerns regarding artificial technology as its failure means a security breach for the enterprise. So, strict measures are required while using this technology.

  1. IoTForAn Exponential Growth

Another enterprise mobility trend is the adoption of IoT by enterprises for connecting to the various IoT devices used in different fields. Internet of things refers to connected things where things are machines, animals, and even humans.

According to a survey, IoT devices passed the number of mobile phones as the largest group of connected devices.

With the cost of connection for broadband declining and devices supporting Wi-Fi increasing, IoT will certainly grow a lot.  The potential of this technology is huge and not yet fully understood. But it will aid the government, enterprises, and consumers to connect and control IoT devices. In the coming years, demand for IoT will increase with businesses, depending on it for storing and collecting data. They will use it for making big decisions that will greatly influence enterprise mobility technology.

  1. Employees Will Bring Their Own Device OrBYOD

Another trend for enterprise mobility management is employees bring their own devices to work. Many companies are adopting this trend where they ask the employees to bring their own phones, tablets, and laptops. This trend is great when it comes to cost-cutting for the company. Enterprises can save a lot of money that they spend on purchasing devices for the office this way.

The only problem here is that employees won’t have enterprise apps and software. Even the level of the software they use won’t match the company. The solution to this problem is simple, installing enterprise-level apps and software on an employee’s personal device. Also, they need to take advanced security measures if they adopt this trend for data security.

  1. Cloud Migration

Another enterprise mobility technology trend that will gain popularity in 2019 is the cloud migration of data. According to the demand of various offices, using cloud storage for important data will increase. Most companies have a bulk of data of different nature. They store data related to work, consumers, employees, and so on. With the development of mobile technology, companies’ dependencies on mobiles have increased. But they don’t have enough storage for storing bulk data. Thus, for storing a huge amount of data the cloud is the best option. The best part about migrating a company’s data to the cloud is that employees can use, access, and store data on it from any part of the world. All you need is a good internet connection, and you have access to consumers’ information that will help you serve them better.

  1. Security Models Will Change For The Better

With the trend of employees bringing their own devices to offices, it is of utmost importance that security measures are enhanced. A breach in security is a high-priority threat for the companies, and they need measures to overcome it. The data of any company is its most prized possession, and they need to protect it at any cost. The best way to maintain the security of data is through a security model that is multi-layered. This model is difficult to breach or hack and can keep the data secure.

  1. Location-Based Service Will Increase

Users use mobile apps every day to get many things done, whether it’s online money transfer, online shopping, food ordering, or location tracking. You can consider a location-based service in your app through which users can find a service (using GPS) in their area.


A mobile app is essential for every enterprise. There are various trends attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world, while some are already taking perks from the app. If you are planning to build an enterprise mobile app for your business then you should consider these trends for a better understanding. Also, you can hire a mobile app developer or mobile app development company in India who can help you with the best mobile app development services.


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