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entertainment websites
By KAREN ANTHONY 1,158 views

How good are entertainment websites for that daily fix of celebrity news and gossip?

Aren’t we all peeping toms? There is indeed some amount of guilty pleasure associated with spying the secret lives of celebrities and movie stars. Behind the scenes is where all the fun is isn’t it?

For all your “eavesdropping and peeking” needs popular media is here to serve you through the internet highway. No more “voyeuring” the keyholes for the hidden truth. All your Bollywood gossip is now just a click away. So, what are you waiting for?

How does it all work?

The celebrities and stars are all part of the same popular media fibre and make a living out of it. The performers all live in glass houses, and the personal cum private lives are up for scrutiny by a legion of dedicated entertainment websites and blogs. There is nothing wrong with being a celebrity news distributor or a celebrity watcher!

It is often true that the news a celebrity ends up making is as entertaining as the roles they portray on the silver screens. You would think that they should learn to be more careful hen every breath of theirs is picked up by anyone who owns a camera.

It is the sole reason behind the success of the global online entertainment media outlets like The Gawker, TMZ, PopSugar and Perez Hilton.

Options available for the public

However, with so many options and so much news happening all around you, it is easy to get lost in the treasure trove of information. Here, we present the cornerstones of a perfect entertainment website to cater to your celebrity information needs.

Local micro-bloggers and blog websites that bring you media gossips are some of the most entertaining sources. Written in the first person often with that “filmy” style narrative presents all the celebrity news you would need. Think similar to the tech blogs that offer snippets of gizmo info to a gadget aficionado. These will often indulge in fashion fads, health and other forms of popular media along with sports professionals.

Google search can be your best friend. Usually, a keyword search reveals the top-ranked website. Look for the ones that have dedicated sections on specific celebrities so that you can follow the past and present about them from a single site.

Websites with puzzles and games were a much-needed oversight and are fun to participate in them. Celebrity and movie face-offs, slots, etc are very entertaining, and it’s “ubercool” to share the results with your friends.

A good site to bookmark is one where serious movie reviews get posted. For the ones who like to read up on a movie, how it’s been fairing at the box office, these are for you. Reviews should never contain spoilers about the plot. Also, comprehensive coverage of film events and award functions are often a welcome addition.

Search for your personal avenue for getting your celebrity news fix. There are many courses out there and you can easily find one. Ensure the steps listed and enjoy!

Karen Anthony

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.