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By AMANDA MILLS 278 views

Cutting Time For Document Signing Follow-up With eSign API Integration

Signing documents is an administrative task that organizations have to handle as part of internal and external processes. When documents need to be sent back and forth between signatories, the time spent on negotiations increases. However, with an eSign API integration, businesses, startups, and non-profits can improve the efficiency of negotiations and approvals. You just have to find affordable eSignature API pricing. In this article, we’ll discuss how an eSign API integration can cut the time spent on document signing and follow-up. Continue reading to learn how to create digital signatures in PDF files.

Importance of Using eSign API

Here are the benefits of eSign API integration.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

The eSign API is an electronic signature API that allows organizations to eliminate redundant tasks in their workflow. It makes processes such as follow-ups, negotiations, and approvals more efficient. An eSign API integration also makes it easy for multiple signatories and stakeholders to work on documents simultaneously. Using eSign APIs also helps managers follow up with partners and prospects during negotiations, simplifying document management for admins. When considering integrating such a solution, it’s essential to evaluate eSignature API pricing to ensure it aligns with your budget and requirements.

Get Timely Notifications And Updates

Embedding the eSign API into your marketplace or document management solution gives all users access to timely updates and notifications. Whenever a signatory signs, views, or approves an action on the document, the right people will receive notifications. This reduces the waiting time and helps salespeople and marketers know when to follow up. Moreover, an eSign API allows you to configure notifications manually or to use automated updates as reminders for urgent negotiations and time-sensitive contracts.

Make it Easy For People to Sign And Follow up

Setting up the eSign API might require the expertise of developers to connect the endpoints, but once fully embedded in your platform or website, anybody can use it regardless of technical expertise.  Besides, the eSign API has an intuitive interface that is easy to understand. Users can sign in and embed their signatures in just a few clicks. The dashboard also contains detailed information about approved, rejected, and accepted signatures. This simplifies the follow-up process by narrowing down the number of people you need to reach out to during negotiations.

Open Collaboration With Stakeholders

Using an eSign API establishes a transparent environment for collaboration during negotiations involving more than two parties. This means that any authorized user can monitor the deal’s progress and obtain timely feedback about who needs to sign to seal the deal. Even for private deals, an eSignature API can keep all signatories accountable because it would be easy to track their activity or inactivity on the document.

Sign Documents From Your Mobile Device

Unlike other online electronic signature solutions, an eSign API works on all devices, including Android and iOS devices. So, you can sign important documents on the go straight from your smartphone or tablet. Also, the ability to sign documents from your mobile device allows you to close deals faster and follow up on non-responsive clients before the deadline approaches. You can also turn on mobile notifications to receive instant pings when an authorized signatory accepts or rejects a signature request.

Secure Document Access

eSign API uses multiple API keys to protect user access to documents. This provides extra layers of security to prevent unauthorized access to your electronic signature solution, especially for businesses that handle sensitive financial and business data. Other security features include HTTPS, Basic Auth, and API key rotation.

Embrace Sustainability

Embedding Lumin Sign’s API into your website or platform will help your business or non-profit eliminate massive amounts of paperwork, which will reduce the money you spend on printing materials and paper storage. Similarly, individual users can also use the eSign API solution to limit their carbon footprints and reduce their paper usage. Embedding the eSign API into their workflow is the first step in the right direction for people who want to embrace sustainability and digital transformation.

How Your Business Can Use eSign API Features

Your business can use eSign APIs to reduce the lifecycle of negotiations and close deals faster. But for that to happen, here are the features you need:

Add or Insert Signatures

You can use eSign APIs to insert signatures in PDFs as a separate file uploaded from your local drive or the cloud. The electronic signature solution grants you access to online cloud storage, such as Google Drive. You can also drag and drop the transparent signature file onto the canvas to upload it. Apart from that, you can use the built-in canvas to draw signatures online. This canvas allows you multiple tries until you get the signature right. After that, you can save the signature for easier access during future negotiations.

Delete or Remove Signatures

You also need to know how to delete digital signatures in PDF; this skill will come in handy if you make mistakes or if a signatory asks your reps to remove their signature from a document. To remove the online PDF signature, just click on the embedded signature and delete it. All done.

Assign Signatories

eSign API users can embed fillable fields to documents and assign people via email or direct invitation to sign them. This feature guarantees that only authorized users can insert electronic signatures in PDF files.

Monitor User Activity

You can use an online signature PDF solution to keep an eye on what signatories are doing on your document. With an eSign API, you can monitor the following activity:

  • Signature request creation
  • Viewed signature requests
  • Approved request from authorized signatories
  • Declined and rejected signature requests
  • Signed signature requests
  • Invalid signature requests or input fields


Businesses of all sizes and specializations can embed electronic signatures in PDF using an eSign API. This tool is easy to use, and it works on all platforms, including mobile and desktop. Whether you want to sign a signature loan online or negotiate a deal, the eSignature API can reduce the time you spend on negotiations, updates, and follow-ups.

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