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By KEVIN8 2,955 views

How to Make up a Title for an Essay in 2 Minutes

Your essay can be full of excellent content but lose a bit of its spark thanks to a terrible title. Instead of creating a title that repels readers, go for one that makes them curious and draws them to your paper. We know you probably don’t have all the time in the world and are in a bit of a time crunch, so here are 10 ways that will help you create your title fast. 

1. Pose a Question

Many paper writers know that using a question as to the title of your paper, creates a need for the reader to get their wheels turning. Many people read to learn something new or gain a new perspective, and starting with a question can help them achieve that. To come up with your question, think about what your essay proves, answers, or achieves by the end. Then, just turn that into a question, and you’ve got a masterpiece! 

2. Use the 5-Word Rule

Take a step back from your essay for a second and think of it as a whole. If you had to describe it using only five words, what would they be? Think about the main idea or something compelling that is introduced in your writing and go from there. If you happen to get to four or go on to six, don’t sweat it; at least you have a title.  

 3. Go for One Word

If you’re in a real hurry, first, check out these tricks to writing faster. They will save your life. Then, for the title, instead of overthinking it, keep it simple. For instance, think of the one word that pops in your head when you think about what you wrote. It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out title to catch attention. Actually, many readers prefer short titles that get to the point to decide whether or not they want to read it. 

4. Pick a Phrase

If you’ve taken steps to improve your writing and have written a word or phrase that you’re absolutely in love with, why not make it your title? What we mean is, instead of wracking your brain looking for some compelling and creative title, pluck your favorite or most significant phrase and turn it into your title. This way is fast, efficient, and will put a unique spin on your paper.  

5. Turn to Pop Culture

There are two things that many people are drawn to one, current events, and two, pop-culture. Therefore, why not take advantage of some exciting news, songs, events, or people breaking headlines everywhere? Creating a title that adds a bit of pop-culture into the mix will attract readers to your paper and get you lots of reads. Just make sure it has something to do with your paper. 

6. Use “On” as a Starting Point

Okay. We’ll be honest with this one. It’s a bit boring, but if you can’t think of anything else, go ahead and use “on.” For instance, if you’re writing about equal rights, then just add on and turn it to: “on equal rights.” It’s a bit dull, but the title will reflect the content correctly, which is the bare minimum you need. 

 7. The Power of -ING

-ING words are fun to use. Plus, just like our one-word suggestion above, they’re easy. To use an -ING word as your title, just start jotting down those you know and choosing the one that best suits what you have in your paper. 

8. Get Descriptive 

Now, we don’t mean to get descriptive and create a long-winded title. What we mean is to think of the imagery within your paper and use that as inspiration. If you’re highlighting a geographical location or speaking about something concrete, then think of how to describe it. Think of the sky, for example. A title suited for a paper about the sky could be “Infinite Fields of Blue.” Get the picture? 

9. Upcycle Titles

When dealing with assignments, you’ve likely thought of several titles that didn’t make the cut. Don’t discard all of them permanently, saving them for a later date. Plus, if you’ve had good ideas that didn’t quite sit right, then it can help to spruce them up a bit. Upcycle your titles, and make them all-new and improved. 

10. Mix and Match 

Another way you can use discarded titles is to mix and match them. For instance, let’s say that you have two titles that you like, but something is missing. Put them side by side and cut out a few filler words to fuse them. When you choose to fuse titles, you’ll have a strong, unique, and useful title that you can come up with in just a few minutes. 

What Makes a Good Title? 


We know you’re in a hurry, but if you have time, this could be helpful. When creating a good title, you want to keep a few things in mind. First of all, a good title is informative and gets the reader prepared for what they are about to partake in. Second, it gets your reader in the know of the structure or stance of your essay. Keep this in mind when brainstorming to develop the most effective title, even if you’re short of time. 

What’s in a Name

The title is the first thing that your readers will see, making or breaking the readers’ enthusiasm. That’s why it’s important, but if you’ve procrastinated a bit, then time is of the essence. If you’re short on time, breathe, think, and start jotting down titles. Take our 10 suggestions to find the perfect title for your essay fast, meeting your deadline, and scoring an excellent grade all at the same time. Your professors will never know you created your title in as little as a few minutes!


I am a writer! I started to engage in literary writing in 2012.