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By ADA BENTON 500 views

Top 7 Attributes Every Parent Should Foster in their Child

Every parent wants their child to be successful in life. It is the duty of parents to prepare children for future challenges and for this purpose their aim should be to make the children accountable. If children are to be responsible for their work, then they should put them in small amounts of fun from the childhood so that they become habituated to their essential work and develop an understanding of contributing to the responsibilities of the household says Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

If children are told well in childhood then the future of children turns into gold. It does not mean that the work of the house does not impede the burden of workloads on the head of the children; this can have a profound impact on their education and doing more work can also affect the child’s health and temperament. Today we have 7 attributes that you as a parent should strive for in your children.

1. Right Attitude:

Children these, days think it is okay to not respect elders and on the other hand, take it as a “cool” behavior. Also, it is seen in some households that kids, tend to think highly about themselves. This kind of behavior should not be encouraged and stopped right away. Teach them to respect their elders and also every person in the community. Be it a sweeper, or a plumber, etc. Every person is an integral part of society and they should be taught about this as soon as possible, so they value the contribution of every single member of society. Also teach them to be grateful for the gifts of Almighty, that they are in good health, have good food to eat and a nice dwelling above their head. It is also essential to try to be creative with your approach, get them involved in something like a school fundraiser, or anything close to their heart. Your kids will not only learn some entrepreneurial skills but will come away from this with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Remember, gratitude for everything that exists.

In your life is an absolute must trait in the kids. In fact, the slogan, “Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra” used by followers of DSS, is uttered as a mark of gratitude to the Lord, true Master and it is his grace on us, that we are what we are, we ourselves cannot manage a breath without MAster’s grace

In fact, from time to time, kids need to be told of the importance of our Nation and how unique our traditions and culture is. Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji, has even used Films to motivate youngsters towards Nation building endeavors. Lets us raise a generation full of pride, accountability and right attitude.

2. Care of the house:

Generally, the responsibility of decorating and maintaining the house is only on the adults of the house. If children’s help is taken in this work then they will also be interested in it. It is a matter of fact that children cannot do all kinds of work but they can lend their hands with you in small things and give their opinion on how to decorate the house. Everyday work like such as bedding, dusting can be easily managed by them. This will foster a sense of ownership right from childhood and kids take this feeling, later on to the city and country as well and take care of the assets of the Nation.

3. Keep away from showing off: 

Everyone is showing off themselves in various areas these days. If children get used to this habit since childhood then their results can be very fatal. This habit can take such an extreme form that kids may do certain things, just so they can show off to their friends. They can even get into wrongdoing in the affair of the show. Humans should always have faith in doing their work for the sake of work, not for the sake of the show. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has gone a step ahead and asks people to stay away from pakhandi, show-offs, etc, as they might change you into the likes of themselves.

4. Punctuality:

It is very important for children to respect their time. Nobody can stop the person who is punctual in order to move forward in life. The person who understands the value of time always makes progress.

5. Take responsibility:

Children use things while being in different places and don’t keep them back, and this creates a problem when you want it later as you can’t and it easily. Therefore, children should learn from their childhood to keep their things back in place. Explain to the children that after playing with toys, keep them in a fixed place and if they spread garbage in playing area, they are responsible for maintaining and keeping it clean.

6. Stay Clean: 

Children should be encouraged to start from the very beginning that they put in the garbage in properly designated bins, wrappers, pieces of paper, fruit seeds and peels, etc is picked and put in the dustbin. Generally, it is seen that children older than 2-3 years old are more likely to have garbage in the house, hence they have to give them education. Encourage children that if they see someone spreading garbage, then they tell them politely.

7. Working with passion

If you want your child to become a successful person in his life then ask him to work diligently. Any human being can succeed only if he does that work with full dedication and honesty. It is not necessary for the work to be just for the sake of complexity. This will not only make the job worse, but the wrong habit inside the child will also be born. Never do any work in an incomplete mind. If you have used this habit in your childhood, your child will never fail in his life.

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