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Narcissistic Abuse Behavior

Identifying And Exposing Narcissistic Abuse And Behavior

It’s incredibly difficult to reason with a narcissist since they believe they’re always right. Also, narcissistic abusers are thought to have high self-esteem. Additionally, narcissists have greater chances of leading, while others find it difficult to get promotions from their hard work. Some research shows that narcissists don’t admit the fact that they’re abusers since they feel good about themselves when doing the abusing.

Besides, even if they rank themselves in that class, the truth is they’re shameful, hate themselves, and worse – destroy their relationships. However, even though some people find it relatively easy to spot a narcissist, shockingly most people have a hard time with that. If you fall under that category, here are some signs to look out for.

  1. Verbal abuse

This type of behavior makes a narcissist oppose, interrupt and make ridiculous demands, among other problems. However, narcissists generally take it to a new level. Verbal abuse (as described by many) can also include accusing, bullying, threatening, demeaning, and blocking others. Hope you’ve noticed these behaviors at most times.

  1. They are always competing


The narcissistic abusers like competing with others. They believe that they can incur any costs to fight and win. Sometimes, they use unethical means such as cheating to get what or where they want. Yes, they make things seem different.

  1. They are ignorant

ignoring others

Narcissists can also be good at ignoring others. Even if you call them out loudly, they will still ignore you. Remember, they not only pay no heed to your communication but also pay no attention to doing well.

  1. Physical violence

Physical violence

Physical abuse/violence can also be a sign of narcissistic abuse. Even though this is not really considered much, it may result in trapping one in a corner, blocking his/her movement. It can also result in throwing objects and damaging your possessions as well.

  1. They give several punishments


Narcissists can punish individuals who go against their thought process, or who fail to adhere to their rules in different ways. It’s easy to identify this (their so-called “punishment”) which may include ignoring others, denying you love, withholding money, and dishing out threats. Also, you may see them spreading malicious gossip or telling lies about you to other people.

Ways to expose a Narcissist

  • It’s advisable to use truth and facts. Doing this, it will be hard for them to deny you, thus becoming powerless to manipulate you. Lastly, they will leave you alone and become accountable.
  • Also, the best time to expose them is in the workplace. Even though narcissists blame others for mistakes, it’s easy to detect them since they always play cover-ups. Colleagues usually categorize them as toxic.
  • Additionally, you can first decide to investigate their character. Once you’re sure they’re a narcissist, it’s good to expose them in the early stages.
  • Finally, you can bring the narcissist to court and expose him/her there instead of telling other people about his/her character. But remember, you need to have clear evidence, facts, and keep documents helpful to the case.

Bottom line

If you’re sure that you are dealing with narcissistic abuse, it’s vital not to fear them. Exposing them can not only help you but can also potentially help the narcissist (although the chances of seeing a change, even over the long term, is likely slim). If you’re still unsure about narcissistic abuse, there are several clear signs to watch out for. Remember, the more you live with narcissists, the more you get harmed by their behavior. Nip it in the bud early on.

Stanislav Komsky

Stanislav Komsky is a veteran entrepreneur and business consultant. With his business strategies and innovative ideas, he loves to help people in their startup.