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While flirting comes naturally to some people, others find it incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, not everyone has the gift or flirting in their DNA, and if you’re one of them, look no further. We’re here to teach you the art of eye seduction, and help you feel like a fish in the sea the next time you go out. The ages-old technique can easily be mastered and help you woo the guy or a girl you’ve been eyeing out for ages.

Don’t look away too quickly

Have you been hearing from other people how they think you’re shy and unable to land a date? That may be because you don’t know how to flirt with your eyes properly. You’re probably making one of the biggest and most common mistakes – looking away too quickly. Once you’ve caught the eyes of your potential love interest, don’t immediately look away. That will give away the wrong impression of you not wanting to be caught looking, or that you are uncomfortable with them looking at you. Keep the eyes on them for a few seconds before looking away.

Stare as subtly as possible

On the other hand, eye-flirting requires you to be subtle with the eye contact as well. Namely, if you’ve laid your eyes on the potential date, you need to know for how long you’re allowed to look at them after they’ve noticed your eyes on them. There’s a fine line between checking someone out and looking like a potential stalker. Therefore, to avoid rejection before you even had the chance to approach them, don’t look at the person for more than two seconds. Break the eye contact and look elsewhere for a few seconds. This helps you to look seductive.

Bring the eyes back to them

Once you’ve broken the eye contact and you looked away, feel free to scan the room with your eyes. If you’re flirting at one of Sydney’s restaurants, you can start checking out the room, or other people around you. Feel free to make a few comments to your friends, and then look right back at the person you’re flirting with. You must keep making eye contacts throughout the entire time you’re at the same bar together. That way you’ll let them know that you’re interested. If they keep on looking at you too – bingo – you’re going to do more than just eye flirting.

Work on your eyebrow game

After successfully going through previous steps, you’ll have the person coming closer to you and start a conversation quickly. Now, get ready to put your eyebrows to good use. Keep your eyebrows groomed and nicely shaped to make you irresistible. Eyebrow microblading is a fantastic technique that will give your eyebrows a natural look and make them alluring. Many people who’ve done eyebrow microblading in Sydney say that it’s the best way to get captivating eyebrows that complement your facial features. Lifting an eyebrow as you utter a cheeky comment will let the other person know that you’ve taken your flirting to the next level. Make sure you do it spontaneously and with a sexy grin to make it look inviting.

Use the triangle technique

Another great way to flirt is to rely on the triangle technique. Sliding your eyes from their left eye to the right eye, then down to their lips and right back up to their left eye, will work wonders. That will be especially effective because you’ll stare for a tiny little second longer at their lips, letting them know you’re thinking about kissing them.

Rapid blinking works like magic

Quick and sassy blinking is one of the oldest eye-flirting tricks. Fluttering the eyelashes may seem like the oldest cliché of all, but it will help you attract the person you’re eyeing on, for sure. You’ll let them know that you find them attractive by using the coy eye movement. You may not even notice, but you’ve certainly done that subconsciously in the past to signal affection and romantic interest.

Subtle winking can be appreciated

Winking never gets old. If you decide to follow a flirtatious wink with a cheeky little grin, you’re in for the gold. After you wink, you’ll give a direct sign that you like the person you’re talking to. What’s more, winking is one of the best ways to make the entire flirting memorable and spice up the conversation slightly.

Final thoughts

Now that you’ve gone through all the major steps of eye flirting, you’re ready to head out and test the theory. Make sure you follow every step, and most importantly, don’t doubt yourself. Every technique takes time to master, so be patient and practice, to make the eye-flirting feel like it’s been in your DNA forever.

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