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girl boss earrings
By GLITTER BLACK 2,515 views

4 Face Types and Best Fit Earrings for Each

Certain haircuts seem to be made for certain face shapes. Similarly, certain earrings seem to be made for certain face types. Earrings have been helping define feminine beauty for a long time. In fact, this is a piece of jewelry that you can use in a number of ways – flatteringly, elegantly, quintessentially, conventionally, glamorously, and in a number of myriad ways.  So, women are picky about their earrings. Although there may be similarities between their choices, women tend to differ in subtle ways when it comes to wearing the perfect earrings.

So, what is it that determines women’s choice of earrings? Indeed, there is a lot. While the shape of your face does have a bearing on the shape and length of the best earrings for you, it also depends a lot on your clothes. So, while you are experimenting with clothes you are also likely to experiment with your earrings. The perfect set can strike a fine balance between highlighting your facial proportions and making you look elegantly gorgeous.

Here is a guide on how to buy the perfect pair of earrings.

  • Round face

If you have a round face, you need something that lengthens your facial contours. So, it is not a wise idea to sport rounded earrings. These earrings make you look shorter and appear to widen the face. So, long earrings in the style of danglers, chain earrings, tassel earrings, drop earrings, etc. can be a good fit for a round face.

  • Heart-shaped face

If you have a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead and a narrow chin, you may be better off with a set of earrings that are wide at the bottom and create a flattering look. So, you can go for teardrop shapes or any drop earring that flatters your face and balances the proportions perfectly.

  • Diamond-shaped face

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you can be better off with a stud pair of earrings. Studs stay close to the ear and work really well. You can also go for chandelier earrings which are wide at the bottom. If you want to make a statement you can go for rbg green earrings. These are colored earrings with a statement.

  • Special shapes

Although the shape of your face does dictate the type of your earrings to some extent, your choice and specific occasions also have a bearing on your selection. So, if you are in the mood for some bossy business you can go for quality girl boss earrings. These are like tiny switches that help you switch between day and night. The cool-toned rhinestones impart an elegant look for any event. Just make sure that these are hypoallergenic.

Summing Up

There are many more possibilities when it comes to picking up the perfect pair of earrings for you. You just need to be somewhat more adventurous while selecting the most perfect pair.

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