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Facebook live streaming facts
By SOPHIA THOMAS 3,503 views

Important Facts about Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook is the largest and most popular social media platform in the world. It gains more clicks and views than other social media apps. Facebook Live streaming attracts more audiences and has a larger audience base than even youtube and Vimeo. A survey on social media statistics reports, a large percent of Internet users, use Facebook as a social media platform to connect and stay updated. 60% of the Australian population is active on Facebook. They watch the live webcast on Facebook as compared to YouTube or any app which allows live streaming.

Facebook attracts a larger audience base and engages them in their live feeds while having real-time interactions. Live webcast on facebook gains more views, comments and likes when compared to other live streaming platforms.

In the current scenario, Social media platforms are used to a greater extent for live streaming. Facebook live streaming is used as a part of a marketing strategy by marketers as it allows viewers to cast a vote on a live stream and allow viewers to interact by commenting in the midst of a live stream. This unique marketing technique has changed the whole process about how the customer perceives things. Facebook Live is making a noise in the market with its marketing tools and its popularity is at the peak.

Benefits of FB Live Broadcasting

Benefits of FB Live Broadcasting

Facebook live streaming helps in engaging more audience and reaching the potential target audience while benefiting a brand or service as it is the most loved and popular app on social media. There is no doubt, Facebook is the most visited social media site in the world. It helps in connecting and engaging more audiences through its live streams as people are well aware of Facebook. People take benefits of live webcasting on Facebook to share their pictures, places they visit and live events. Live feeds on social media app Facebook, is fun to watch as the videos are clear and succinct. This is a sure fact, the users will have a great experience while using facebook live streaming services. 

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How often companies should opt for Facebook Live Streaming Services?

It all depends on the type of business and the popularity of your brand. Facebook live streaming services help your organization gain popularity while attracting more target audience. Some organization goes live weekly or monthly whereas some opt to stream live on a daily basis. It all depends on the type of brand and the popularity of your organization. An organization with fewer followers should opt to live webcast on Facebook on a regular base to attract more audience. Facebook Live streaming is easily reachable to people as Facebook is the most used social media app.

What type of content is mostly Live-Streamed on Facebook?

Facebook has been used as a platform to live webcast events. A wide variety of content is broadcast on facebook live which includes one-on-one interviews, conferences, brand events, quiz contests, press events, and breaking news. It is used by a majority of people to get the latest updates about what is happening around the world. Facebook live streaming allows companies or brands to have real-time conversations that connect with the audience emotionally. So, facebook live is the latest marketing tool for companies to rely on.  

Facebook Live Gives Exposure to Brand

It allows you to reach the potential audience base easily as millions of users are online on facebook within an estimated time duration. Once you stream your brand or company activity live through facebook live streaming services, millions of users on facebook join your live stream or watch recorded videos of a live stream and discuss it online and to their friends, colleagues, and family, thereby increasing brand exposure.

It’s a general nature of a human to discuss the content that evokes interest in them or is fun to watch. If the content shared on Facebook live is of their interest then it will be discussed and shared on a vast scale spreading awareness about a particular brand or event.

From the past few years, a remarkable presence of facebook life is seen. Using Fb live streaming is not just a trend for companies, its a source of doing business. Many organizations are using Facebook live streaming services as an integral part of their marketing strategy to attract more audience in order to make their brand success. A survey has reported that Facebook has received a maximum number of active users than any other social media platform and engages more audience through its live video streams.

Sophia Thomas

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