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5 Random Facts about Skin Care You Didn’t Know
By DOC GENIE 25,718 views

5 Random Facts about Skin Care You Didn’t Know

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of your body and an adult carries nearly 8 pounds and 22 square feet of skin? Not only is it the first line of defense against the outer world, but the skin also plays a pivotal role in protecting us from irritants and allergens. However, the function of skin doesn’t end there. It also works as an immune organ. Specific immune cells living in your skin identify the invading organisms and agents. As and when the skin does so, it sends out messages to arouse a combatant or allergic response by employing designated white blood cells from blood vessels present in the skin.

Now that you know the vital roles your skin plays, you would agree that well-rounded skin-care habits are critical in keeping you healthy.

That said, it is a fact that in today’s time we are bombarded with the sheer magnitude of available information on skincare. This can leave us in quandary about how to decide on the authenticity of information and choose accordingly. AtDocGenie our Dermatologist consultants can help you decide on a skincare routine that is perfect for you.

In this blog, we will help you sort through the information, and understand the crucial facts related to skincare. This will help you understand the critical cogs of skincare which when followed will smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize discoloration.

Here are 5 Random Facts about Skin Care You Didn’t Know –

  1. 1Healing a sun-damaged skin

If you have been going out without sunscreen in the past and have developed the habit of using the protection later, UV photos will show you the sun damage simmering beneath your skin. Even though you may not see it yet naked eyes, they will be visible eventually. In order to address this use a retinoid at night while using products with SPF daily.

According to dermatologists, apart from helping in healing sun-damaged skin, skin-care products like Retinoids help in acne treatment and combating early signs of aging.

Moreover, in recent times dermatologist specialists also recommend photodynamic therapy, a light-based cure activating skin’s healing process, and facilitating new tissue formation.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that staying indoors does not prevent you from sun damage. Of the two types of UV rays – UVA and UVB – the latter is blocked by windows, the former is not. Notably, UVA is the prime contributor of wrinkles while UVB is the main contributor of skin cancer. To protect yourself completely from sun damage it is a good idea to wear sunscreen every morning, even while spending the day at home.

  1. Acne is not caused by dirty skin

Acne is a very common skin condition, occurring primarily in teenage due to changes in, oil production in the body, clogging of pores, bacterial or yeast infection, as well as inflammation.

Excess body oil makes the dead skin cells stick together instead of getting shed out of the pores. Contrary to popular beliefs, washing the face frequently cannot thwart this and in many cases make your complexion worse by drying the skin out. Additionally, repeated washing or scrubbing your skin might irritate it and invite a bacterial infection to your acne, which undoubtedly will make it worse.

The best way to treat acne is to use benzoyl peroxide with a Foaming Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser which removes oil. Topical Benzoyl Peroxide cream and acne-friendly moisturizer and sunscreen are also good for preventing skin dryness and hyper-pigmentation.

  1. Yeast on our skin can be troublesome

Yeast is the culprit behind dandruff. Besides, it is also known for causing afflictions like redness, flaking, and itching of the scalp, ears, face, back, and chest. Overgrowth of Pityrosporum yeast, also called Malassezia, is the prime cause behind dandruff.

To address this Pyrithione zinc is the best way as it helps contain the yeast. Think of using a foaming Zinc shampoo and body cleanser which is the most potential pyrithione zinc available. However, if you have dry skin, zinc soap will be more suitable for your face.

  1. Drinking water doesn’t help in addressing dry skin

An old and prevalent myth goes – ‘drinking water hydrates the skin from inside out’. This is false.Our skin works in a totally different way. This is because it is a strong barricade. Also, skin gets dry when the outer dead skin cell layer is damaged and fails to hold water.

Dry skin is the result of –

  • Damage to your skin barrier lipids from prolonged use of harsh soaps
  • From solvents that strip lipids
  • Extreme loss of water from exposure to cold and harsh weather or dehumidified air
  • Alterations to skin structure due to aging which wanes skin barriers
  • Conditions like atopic dermatitis type of eczema

The primary way to treat dry skin is to use a good moisturizer every time after washing your skin. One containing the right botanical oils which heal and prevent dry skin is the best. Also, make sure to use mild soaps and cleansers and wash off the cleanser thoroughly, every time after use.

  1. Dirt has nothing to do with

There are blackheads called ‘open comedones’ and whiteheads, called ‘closed comedones’. Both of these conditions happen when your pores get clogged with dead skin and sebum oil.

The black appearance of the blackheads is because of the melanin pigment in the plug which gets oxidized by oxygen. This results in the dark coloring of the blackheads and not because they are filled with dirt.

On the other hand, the whiteheads are somewhat deeper and are often covered by a layer of skin. This is why they are less prone to oxidation.

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