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Facts about squash ball
By JOANNE CORDES 3,271 views

Facts about squash ball

Squash balls, another essential equipment that is most important to play the game after best squash rackets and other essential squash equipment.

Squash sport has got the unique name because of the ball that is used to play the game, squash ball and the squashy ball make the game squash. Let’s check out some quick facts about squash balls:

#1 Squash balls of different colored dots have unique features:

-Blue color dotted balls:

It is meant to be used by the amateurs in squash sport. Blue dotted ball is for the players who are new in playing the game as it is best for beginning the ability to use hands and eyes together in the game, efficiently.

-Red color dotted balls:

Red color dotted balls must be singled out by the players once they are well-versed in playing with blue color dotted ones. As compared to blue color dotted squash balls, these are less bouncy designed for motivating players to progress swiftly to the ball and enable “kill” shots for having a huge influence as it will get difficult for your rival to return it.

-Yellow or double yellow color dotted balls:

The yellow or dual yellow color dotted balls are advised for the professional and seasoned players because these balls are not able to bounce high.

#2 Squash balls bounce high when warm:

Another important fact about squash balls is, when heated they jump higher. As rubber makes the squash balls, they have less flexibility. The energy wasted by a person in distorting the shape of an object is more when flexibility of object is less. Some of the power involved by squash ball to hit the racket strings, floor and wall of squash court that energy converts into heat. When the process continues for long, the balls get more flexible. So, squash balls must be made warm before playing.

#3 Different squash balls include different material to form:

Two essential factors are essential to know the ball temperature: squash court temperature and the expertise of squash players. Say for instance, when the court is just 5oC then the ball can to extend till 35oC.

It will also get difficult for the ball to give good performance even at the warm squash court when the players are not able to hit the ball very hard enough to increase its temperature to maximum 45oC. Players also have the better option to make use of the faster ball which provides more flexibility and forms by the blend of various polymers.

#4 Using the ball made of a material having excellent flexibility will not need any warming at before:

For avoiding warming of the ball, you must make use of the ball which forms of the material having same flexibility level at any room temperature.

So, above listed are some of the essential facts about squash ball. If you are looking forward to buying squash ball to start off with playing the game that is just like a workout, feel free to contact us. We have top-rated brands like Dunlop squash balls and other leading brands of squash balls.

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