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Fall-related accidents are the second leading cause of work-related accidents and deaths in Australia. This statement alone is enough to make you realize that fall protection systems should be firmly in place for business. The employer must provide their employees with the necessary systems that are required to ensure that they are safe and secure. The employees on their end should be informed about the importance of using fall restraint systems correctly, and they should also be shown how these systems should be used.

What are the Fall Restraint Systems?

When employees are working in areas where there is a danger of falling or a fall hazard, fall restraint equipment is used to minimize the risk of the worker falling. They are used when a worker is not at the point of risk but are working on the edge of a fall hazard.

How is Fall Restraint Systems Used?

Fall restraint equipment is used when there is a minimal level of danger. The different equipment includes walkways, rails, and even static lines. These are meant to help minimize the risk of the worker reaching the point of falling.

all Restraint Systems Used

  • With walkways and rails, a worker can access all elevated areas with ease. These fall restraint systems are considered to be one of the best fall protection systems as they allow the worker to move around the elevated area without the fear of falling and allow ample space for the worker to move freely.
  • Static lines are continuously attached to the worker’s body or tied on their hip for better protection. These lines are installed in such a manner the workers are able to access all areas without needing to detach the static lines.

Why Choose Fall Restraint Systems?

A fall restraint system is considered to be the best fall protection devices. It prevents a worker from reaching a point of falling. It is a preferred method for employers to protect their workers because it is a passive fall protection system. A worker is secured from the risk of reaching a fall hazard without actively choosing to work in a safe environment. Unlike with active fall protection system, the workers do not need to be trained in how to use this equipment and hence, they work better in preventing falls because these passive protections are continuously attached to the workers.

How do you Know If you need Fall Protection System?

If you own a business, then it may be worthwhile for you to look into a fall protection system. However, they may not be necessary in every case. Here is how you can determine whether fall protection systems will benefit your business:

  • Task: if you work on projects that require you to work above the ground or on the elevated structures, then you need to look at fall protection systems. No matter how low the elevation is, it is always better to ensure that you have the equipment to prevent any accidents from happening. Several countries and jurisdictions have laws about when fall protection is a necessity, and you need to ensure that when workers are working at a specific elevation (determined by your industry) that they are using fall protection.
  • Equipment: if your work requires you to use equipment such as an aerial lift then it goes without saying that you will need to use fall protection. This will help secure your workers and prevent any accidents.


It is essential that you know when you should employ specific safety equipment with fall hazards causing so many accidents and deaths; it is advisable that you always keep fall protection gear handy for your workers and install the need of fall protection in them.

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