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family holiday
By AMANDA MILLS 1,164 views

Creating Unforgettable Memories – Unique Family Travel Experiences Around the World

Every family travels differently. Some love spending time together under the hot sun with azure waters and white sands at the beach, while others bide their time cozying up in sweaters and coats somewhere cold and snowy.

Each family’s preferences are unique. That’s why at Entire Travel Group, we curate Family & Holiday Packages tailor-made for you and your loved ones’ tastes. That way, we can build you an itinerary suited to what you’ll love, giving you the best holiday ever.

While we take care of all the intricate details of your trip, the choice of destination is entirely yours. Not sure where to go for your next family holiday? Here are seven family-friendly destinations where you and your loved ones can experience unique, unforgettable activities that you’ll all look back on fondly through the years.

1. Have Fun Under the Sun in Boracay

Who doesn’t love the beach? A getaway to a tropical paradise like Boracay in the Philippines is perfect for a family holiday! While you lounge on the beach and sink your toes in the island’s powdery white sand, your children can swim in the crystal-clear waters and play under the brilliant sun.

There are also plenty of popular water activities to choose from in Boracay, from paddleboarding to snorkeling and island hopping. The island is most known for water activities you might not find at your typical beach, such as crystal kayaking, helmet diving, and riding the iconic banana boat. All these are terrific ways to elevate your beach holiday and have fun while bonding with the family.

2. Experience a Winter Wonderland at Banff and Lake Louise

If your family is in the mood for some snow, we recommend hitting up Banff in the Canadian Rockies during the winter months. This resort town is known for its high slopes perfect for skiing and snowboarding, breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, and the picturesque Lake Louise.

There are plenty of things to do in Banff and Lake Louise that the whole family can enjoy. If you’re coming in January, take the young ones to see the Ice Magic Festival and explore the whimsical ice palaces and sculptures. You can also skate on the frozen lakes around town and even explore the nearby forests while riding a horse-drawn sleigh. Needless to say, Banff is a winter wonderland for kids and adults alike.

3. Eat Scrumptious Pizza and Ice Cream in Italy

Italy is a prime destination for foodie families. Take your kids to the country that invented all their favorite foods, from pizza to spaghetti and creamy gelato. Everything you taste in Italy’s vibrant cities is bursting with flavor.

We recommend widening your kids’ gastronomic horizons by introducing them to popular Italian street food. Some well-known treats in the country include panzerotti stuffed with cheese, meat, and tomatoes and a deep-fried, custard-filled crema fritta for those with a sweet tooth.

4. Marvel at Egypt’s Iconic Pyramids

Are your kids interested in the secrets of the ancient world? Take them to the impressive Pyramid of Giza in Egypt so they can see a marvelous, significant piece of history up close.

Explore the great pyramids or the enigmatic Sphinx as you learn about stories of the ancient civilizations and pharaohs that shaped the world. The sheer scale and size of these pyramids are sure to wow people of all ages, so you can’t go wrong with taking your kids to see these iconic sites they might have only seen in their schoolbooks.

5. Visit a Christmas Market in Switzerland

Christmas cards and presents with bows on them are nice, but nothing is better during the holidays than visiting traditional Christmas markets in Switzerland. At these annual markets, squares and side streets transform into exuberant shopping areas with rows of festive food stalls.

Twinkling lights, Christmas carol singers, seasonal delicacies, and yuletide-themed exhibits are the stars of the show at these markets, making it a magical place to bring the family during the holidays. The kids might even get to meet Santa Claus and some of his helpers at some of the events!

Christmas markets happen all over the country in December. Check out some of the most popular ones in crowd-favorite cities like Lucerne and Bern.

6. Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia

If your family enjoys an adrenaline-pumping adventure and isn’t afraid of heights, we recommend taking an unforgettable hot air balloon ride up in the sky at Cappadocia. It’s one of the most unique activities to try in Turkey and a must-see for adventure lovers.

Get a bird’s eye view of Cappadocia’s breathtaking terrain and watch the sunrise or sunset most memorably. While some might be intimidated by how high up the hot air balloons go, others might love the gentle ride that allows them to marvel at the panoramic views of Turkey’s stunning rock formations and the other colorful hot air balloons in the area.

7. Attend Ontario’s Maple Syrup Festival in the Spring

In Canada, spring is the ideal time to harvest the country’s iconic maple syrup. If your kids love maple syrup and all things sugary and sweet, head to Ontario, Canada in March to witness the famous Maple Syrup Festival in Bronte Creek.

This family-friendly festival is held at a huge park where everyone in town gathers and enjoys maple syrup on tap. There are fun activities such as pancake breakfasts, educational exhibits, and even performances by actors dressed in costumes from centuries past to reenact how locals of the olden days would tap maple trees to get syrup. This one-of-a-kind festival easily makes Ontario one of the best places in Canada to visit in spring, especially for families.

Enjoy Family & Holiday Packages Suited to Your Taste

Family trips are never a one-size-fits-all type of deal. Whether your family enjoys whimsical markets and festivals or would rather escape from the world on a tropical beach or high up in the sky, we have Family & Holiday Packages curated to fit your traveling style.

Traveling with the family soon? Feel free to contact Entire Travel Group’s team of travel advisors to get an idea of the experiences and destinations that will best fit what you and your loved ones are looking for!

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