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5 Best Ways To Find Farm Jobs In Australia

5 Best Ways To Find Farm Jobs In Australia

On your visit to Australia if you want to extend your working holiday visa or if you want to experience life on Australia farmland, here are a few ways to get closer to the farm work in Australia.

Let’s explore few best ways to find farm jobs in Australia with the experts of Plantgrowpick.

1. Start looking early

While travelling across Australia, you can start discovering and networking before you leave for your next destination. Starting job search at the last minute can probably limit your chances of getting seasonal work as all of the strong beans may have occupied the farm jobs you want.

Start looking on:

• Notice boards of the hostel,

• Regional information centres

• The Yellow Pages (Connecting with farmers directly through phone and asking for work could be a good option. Websites for example Fruit Picking Jobs or Harvest Trail,

• Job hunt sites like Indeed, Seek or Jora or

• Facebook pages like Fruit Picking Jobs which often post job vacancies.

2. Research and timing is key

Variety of fruits are ready for harvest at diverse times in the year and in diverse locations across the country. If you get an opportunity to explore the country while earning some money to enjoy financially in local country towns, what more you could ask for?

Australia is an enormous place with a different variety of horticultural options, therefore, the traveling time and job search around a specific commodity or place require some research.

3. Find a farm jobs according to your interest

If you find physical labor and outdoors a difficult job, no worries, not all farm work contains harvesting and picking. Work in a farm business may include data entry, lab work and cleaning, work in packing sheds, and much more.

Modify your application according to your interests and strengths. Be honest with the reason of choosing the farm work and your accessibility time frames.

4. Want to make a career in Australian agriculture?

They are waiting to have you! The industry is truly an exciting place to work while learning something new about the place, work, and people.

There are wider career options available including both on-farm and industries like technology, research, processing and more.

Not sure where to go? You can explore the various website available on the internet, where you can find different jobs in agriculture according to your interests. It will also offer you a platform of education and training opportunities around the country.

5. Understand your rights

Majority of the individuals who choose agricultural work in Australia earn a great experience – meeting new fellows, working outdoors and earn good amount of money.

The experts of plantgrowpick encourage every individual to earn that experience. However, in case you are concerned about whether your employer is meeting their legal obligations, better look at the handy checklist published in the name of the National Farmers’ Federation and Produce Marketing Association.

Final Words                                          

So, these are the few best tips to get a farm job in Australia while exploring different places in Australia.

Plantgrowpick Pty Ltd

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