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Fastest-Growing Outdoor Sports
By JOE MAILLET 829 views

Top 5 Fastest-Growing Outdoor Sports

With modern technology dominating the world and the heavy romanticization of busy schedules, outdoor activities have slipped many minds. People may feel as if it is more efficient to participate in individual-centered sports inside, possibly opting for simulation gulf or biking on a cardio machine. However, with most of the world being forced to stay inside for work due to the pandemic, there has been increased interest in taking existing hobbies outdoors or finding new hobbies in the outdoor space. Here is a list of some outdoor sports that are on the rise:

Going to The Range

There are so many different types of shooting, and it is not just for the people who live in the backwoods. You do not have to be an expert at shooting to start, and there are many different tools and AR upper receivers to help you get better while also being safe.

If you have the means to do this, many people will start out by taking shooting lessons from a private instructor, or they will pay to join an outdoor shooting range where you can schedule appointments with an instructor. Outdoor shooting ranges are a great place to start if you are intimidated. There are usually plenty of people with differing levels of experience, so you can simultaneously look to others and also feel at home. You will oftentimes be able to shoot at numerous things, such as dirt, sand, traps, etc., and with the option of clay or skit ranges. There are so many options to pick from.

Also, there is a variety of shooting options. Some people opt for handgun, or rifle ranges, where others may be more interested in archery. Click here if you are looking for firearm accessories. All of these activities can be done with friends and family as well. Shooting ranges are only growing in popularity, with many choosing to attend them during a fun night out on a date or for a group activity. It is exhilarating, preying on the need for an adrenaline rush. It can be a great bonding experience and is super unique!

At the same time, many families have treated shooting as a rite of passage for centuries. Before the diversification of the working class, many people were farmers, and it was necessary to learn to shoot and kill predators. If not, they would most likely eat your crops and kill your livestock. This idea has evolved over time, and it has been passed down through generations in order to keep family traditions alive. It is a great activity to promote bonding, lesson-learning, and history. On top of all of this, it is another activity that is great during these unprecedented times. It is completely possible to social distance while shooting. Obviously, there are different levels of danger that come with all of these activities, whether it be controlled in a range or in your backyard, so always make sure to do your research and be safe!

Non-Traditional Triathlon

The typical swim-bike-run triathlon is an intense endurance activity for which many people spend years training. While elements of this race can be fun and challenging, this traditional triathlon setup may not be the most inclusive sport to try out with your family. Many places have started to hold non-traditional triathlons, whether that be to make them more palatable or more fun!

There are many different organized events that follow the same general structure. In Colorado, there is a triathlon that involves running, fishing, and beer drinking. This is a great opportunity to get in some exercise and share company with a community of like-minded people. It takes the intense competition out of it and the pressure off of all of the participants and provides a more relaxed but productive activity.

Also, some of these events replace being submerged in open water with another element. Many people state that they would love to participate in a triathlon but may have a fear of swimming. Oftentimes, this leg of the race is substituted with kayaking, rowing, or paddleboarding to make it milder.


Hiking has long been a cult-favorite activity. It is no secret that being out in nature is good for mental and physical health. Many people have taken up hiking during the pandemic since it can be “social-distance friendly” and organized in a short amount of time. During stressful periods, whether they are due to work or a spike in anxiety, hiking helps with blood flow, mental acuity, creativity, and much more.


A hike can help to exercise your body and your mind. As you navigate through trails in the woods, you are making judgment calls relating to the weather, the light source, the terrain, and animals. Although this can seem overwhelming at first, it is important to choose paths that are comfortable for you and your experience level. One may start on a hiking trail without many trees, just so that you can see what is in the distance and get used to moving your body in a different way. From here, you could either decide to increase the intensity or the density. Some people that love hiking solely for exercise may want to try a more challenging trail so that they can build up their endurance. Another person may love the combination of exercise and nature and could opt for greater tree cover in order to become more familiar with a forest setting.

This is also another great activity to participate in with friends and loved ones. Depending on who you are hiking with and their experience level, you can always adjust the difficulty of the trail. The experience can really be tailored to anyone. This is also super helpful since hiking alone can be very dangerous. Whether it be because of rocky terrain, the unknown of the woods, or unpredictable weather, it is never a bad idea to hike with a buddy! If you do decide to hike alone because of preference, relationship to nature, or meditation time, always make sure to have the correct safety measures in place!

Joe Maillet

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