Pashmina wool is a very famous variant of the spun Cashmere and mainly originated from Kashmir in India. Pashmina is a fibre of animal-hair, which is obtained from the downy undercoat of Changthangi goat.

This fabric gives a lot of warmth to the body and hence the fabric is worn in chilly winter weather or climate to keep oneself warm and comfortable. The goats, which produce Pashmina usually, shed their hair in every spring season.

There are different products of Pashmina fiber available in the market and the Pashmina wool blanket is a notable product seen that is made from this fiber. The products made from Pashmina wool usually portray a high standard and taste since the fabric is highly-priced. It has its own elegance when made into beautifully designed garments and merchandise.

The following are some products made up of Pashmina wool that bring out the ravishing look of Indians and at the same time keep the person warm from within.

• Pashmina Shawl-

Shawls are the most famous varieties of Pashmina products found and sold in India. These are pieces of cloth, which can be worn by both men as well as women and are available in different varieties of colors.

The basic fabric is Pashmina but the design may be embroidery or prints of several kinds. This Pashmina shawl can be wrapped all over the body to cover the individual from chilly winter winds.

• Pashmina Blankets-

Everyone wishes to have cozy and sound sleep full of warmth during the winter months. Pashmina wool blanket is a kind of product that is made of the size of a king-sized bed or for a single person. These blankets give immense warmth during sleep to the person covering him or herself with the same.

• Pashmina Stoles or Suede Tussles-

These are small pieces of cloth that provide a modern look to the people wearing it while at the same time it keeps the person warm due to the fabric’s nature.

The stoles are fashionable since they have a triangular shape. It makes an individual highly stylish and the knitting type of this stole is machine-made. Usually, this stole is designed for women but men can also use these depending on the colors.

• Pashmina Sweaters-

Sweaters made up of pure Pashmina fabric are available in India. These are usually seen to be found in different varieties like cardigans, jackets, and pull-over, which may be both halves as well as full sleeves. These garments impart softness and feel that is exquisite, thus keeping the body warm from within as well as making the person wearing it look stylish.

Using products of Pashmina fabric, one can not only look beautiful but also mask up the stingy winds of chilly winter that mostly prevails in the northern parts of the country.

Most of the wool that is obtained and processed in the country is exported to different parts of the world. The product is weaved into wonderful designs that make a person look immensely beautiful and mesmerizing.

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