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Madhu Mantena - Film Promotion
By MADHU MANTENA 3,159 views

Film Promotion Ways and Tips

According to film producer – Madhu Mantena, you’ve given your best into producing that one film project that ‘is bound to change your destiny’. You’ve worked days and nights, completely focused and dedicated and the product you’ve achieved satisfies in a way that possibly can’t be explained. However, as important as it is to create quality content as a producer, delivery plays a key role. It would be a shame to see the project that you’ve worked so hard on, go waste.

And Madhu Mantena, a top-tiered producer, with many successful award-winning films is here to give you all the secrets to successfully promote your film as an independent producer, even with minimum resources.

1. Let the Creativity Burst through the Trailer and Build up Interest says Madhu Mantena

Despite being overtaken by the digital age, movie trailers build up an immense part of film marketing says Madhu Mantena. An interesting trailer will be to grab attention and build curiosity to see more of it. Make it relevant, dark, and mysterious if for a thriller, frightening if for horror, or comical for a comedy. Compel and hypnotize your audience into asking for more within the first few seconds. Even if you’ve evidently acknowledged a target audience, you still have to enchant them with magisterial storytelling.

2. Make the Best out of Social Media Campaigning: Advertize and Hype your Film up!

Chief internet advertisement platforms allow a vast amount of audience tailoring. Make a list of the types of people you want to reach, citing traits like age, gender, income, and specific interests. You will know that’s the kind of audience you want to attract and lure. When you promote on digital media, make sure your ad is shown to the types of moviegoers you’ve identified on your list. In today’s media market, online marketing (and distinctively social media marketing) has prevailed over TV marketing for everything from simple short films to fancy big-screen superhero franchises.

3. Build a Nice and Simple Movie Website Recommended by Madhu Mantena

If you have an amazing eye-catching trailer and an active and dedicated marketing campaign, use them to maneuver prospective audiences to your film’s website. In the early days of the Internet, marketing professionals believed websites needed to be filled with interactive games and exclusive content to stand out from the crowd. However, film websites today don’t really require such tacky extravaganzas. If nothing else, just give yourself a great looking landing page with your film’s trailer and links for viewing it—whether that’s streaming outlets or a Showtime at local theaters.

4. Stage Public Events and Promote on Talk Shows

Everyone is accustomed to looking at filmed advertisements for motion pictures and TV shows. What’s far more convincing, interesting, and unique is seeing a live promotional event, a radio talk or talk shows, in general. Consequently, such events may be far more impressive for a prospective audience member.

5. Go Around, Talk about it and let People Know

Some film lovers or enthusiasts can’t be tempted into theaters with just a trailer and a flashy advertisement promotion. They would like to hear from people they know and trust. For many, this means friends, family members, social media influencers, prominent critics, or bloggers. Tap every possible link and contact and try to get as many people as possible to talk about your film outside the perspective of an advertisement, you can attract audiences you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach out to.

Very good luck to those trying hard to make an impact in the Film Industry! Mr. Madhu Mantena wishes you the very best!.

Madhu Mantena

Film Producer - Madhu Mantena, deliver several commercial and critical successes including Lootera, the uNational Award winning film Queen, Hasee Toh Phasee, Bombay Velvet, NH10, Shandaar, Ugly, Masaan, Udta Punjab, and lot more.