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What’s New in Filmora 13.5 – AI Voice Cloning and AI Sticker Generation

The noise level is incredibly high in today’s world of content creation, and becoming louder is even more crucial. A rather recent example of how such creators manage to attain these goals is AI-generated stickers. These versatile components can cause changes in videos and can make the context more interesting and visually diverse. Wondershare Filmora, a professional video editing application, has essential features of integrating forms created by artificial intelligence into videos without loss of quality.

This article describes how the use of AI sticker Generator is shifting the experience for content creators, improving the story, reception of content, and ability to easily customize content.

AI Sticker Generator – A game-changer for content creators

Sticker AI sticker Generator

Speaking about the benefits of this tool, it would be right to mention that it is incredibly helpful for content creators. Video enhancing and sharing through stickers are made even more exciting and unique by optimal AI features. These stickers also can be customized per the necessity of your videos or topics, which make your videos attractive and interesting.

Effortless Customization

As compared to typing out long texts, the use of customized AI stickers is much easier. Video editors can create stickers for their videos from the template that fits the style and the concept of the video by using Filmora’s AI Sticker Generator. If you have a project that requires enjoyable, cartoon-like characters or official, business-like figures, the AI Sticker Generator can provide this for you.

Enhanced Storytelling

Adds that stickers can greatly contribute to your narrative in the videos. They give a succinct way of indicating something on an impression that may convey a certain feeling, underscore specific aspects, or bring in some fun. For instance, a set of several reaction stickers, created by AI, can be helpful when you want to emphasize a funny scene, or when a revelation has just occurred in your text; this enhances the readability of your narrative.

Increased Engagement


It seems that those sub-titles, which include some interactive content like stickers, might help attract the viewer’s attention. AI Sticker Generator can enhance your content and make your videos more dynamic and vibrant while providing the audience with the tools for its further sharing. This interaction is vital if you want to expand your audience and build upon the influence of your online presence.

Why use Filmora for AI-generated stickers?

Because of its wonderful features and its easy-to-use interface, Filmora is a perfect option for adding AI-generated stickers to videos.

Precise Editing Tools

Filmora provides post-editing features that give control over each of the stickers, about their size and position. There is much flexibility when it comes to the placement, size, and even timing to ensure that the stickers blend well with whatever you are doing in the video.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

Adding stickers to the videos is quite simple, especially with the drag-and-drop option. One does not have to be an expert to use it. Just pick your AI stickers from the library tab and drag it to your timeline area. From there, you can adjust and animate as required.

Pre-Made Effects & Transitions

Apart from stickers, Filmora offers clear categories of pre-made effects and transitions that can be added to the videos. They can be synced along with your stickers to ensure you can create an excellent video always coherent. For instance, you can use a custom sticker to smoothly transition to a new scene.

Robust Audio Editing Tools

Sound can be considered an equally important channel in the case of videos. Filmora has very efficient options for editing the audio track of your videos that will help to sync your stickers to the sounds or certain characters in your videos. This is especially important in making your stickers more effective or more appealing to viewers in a synchronized manner with the other activities.

How to Use Stickers in Your Videos

Incorporating AI-generated stickers into your videos with Filmora is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Create your stickers

First, go to the sticker generator of the Filmora tool and let the AI design your stickers. The detailed guidance would help the AI to generate the stickers ideally suited to your concept and idea.

Step 2: Import your stickers

Once your stickers are created, import them into Filmora. Go to the “Elements” tab and select the option to add new elements. Select your AI-generated stickers from your computer and place them in your Filmora library.

Step 3: Drag and Drop

Once you have placed your stickers in the Libary, right-click on the stickers and post them on the timeline of the video. Insert them in the specific areas in your video as required. You have the option to insert several of them at the same time and to place them on the required screen.

Step 4: Customize and Animate

Modify the dimensions of the stickers, as well as change their placement on the screen and adjust the sticker’s transparency level. Apply animation using Filmora making it more lively.

Step 5:  Synchronize with Audio

To make your sticker pop more, incorporate it with the video’s audio track to enhance its effectiveness. Using Filmora Audio Editing tools, you can sync the perfect timing of your stickers with sound effects, music, or dialogue.

Step 6: Apply Effects and Transitions

You can make your video look even more interesting by adding effects and transitions.  There are many options in Filmora to enhance the sticker use and other aspects of your video. Find the one that works best with your project and apply it to your stickers.

Step 7: Review and Export

Make final adjustments that are needed for your stickers and other elements before submitting your design. When you are done with the final product, you can export your video in the format and size of your choice.

Creative Uses for AI-Generated Stickers

Here are some creative ways to use AI-generated stickers in your videos:

  • Reaction Stickers: Use stickers as reactions or emotions, making your videos more funny.
  • Instructional Videos: Custom stickers are perfect for emphasizing crucial steps or sharing best practices in your instructional videos.
  • Branding: Add a logo or any other aspects of the brand on stickers and use them to maintain the brand image in the video.
  • Interactive Content: Design special stickers like clickable stickers to make the stickers more interactive.
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