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By LONGJI VWAMHI 1,887 views

Tips For A Financial Digital Transformation

Many years ago, financial analysts did a study on how technology has disrupted the finance sector. People like Development Operations engineer Longji Vwamhi, think that firms are adapting to technology. Longji Vwamhi works in the finance industry as a Fintech expert. He is also proficient in various programming languages.

When the study was done, nearly 47 percent of the respondents agreed that their place of work have prepared for digitalization. Firms that offer finance products have adopted the use of technology in their business operations. They integrate a wide range of advanced technology and digital tools to be a leader in the fintech industry. These firms hope that upcoming fintech companies can look up to them as role models.

However, before a firm can efficiently adapt the technology for its business operations, it must put things in place. The first is to show commitment toward the provision of quality customer service to their clients. Then the firm must make their clients’ needs a priority. This is followed by the use of appropriate tech tools to achieve this. Lastly, the firm must be willing to listen to their client’s feedback.

How Your Firm Can Prepare For A Financial Digital Transformation

Use Digital Tools to Focus on Your Clients

Financial institutions are legacy institutions that have to change, adapt, and adopt new business operations. To digitally transform your business, you must understand what your customer needs. After that, you must tailor your business practices toward these needs. It’s rare to see clients who go to physical shops in this digital age. They prefer to shop online for whatever services or products they wish to provide. Firms that have such clients must cater to them by providing virtual services. For example, banks can develop a website and app for clients to open accounts online, deposit, or withdraw money. Their clients can also perform different transactions online. Other sectors should also use this method to provide quality services. They can combine physical shops with an online presence to offer full services to clients. They will be better equipped to serve their clients. Finance firms can improve their digital tools to cater to clients’ preferences.

Use Data to Make Decisions

To fully understand what your clients need, you need to legally collect their data to know their preferences. You can survey your clients to get the information you need. However, you must get your client’s permission before you get their data. You can know what your clients need from the way they interact with you.
Similarly, many firms get a large volume of data they don’t know what to do with. This can be overwhelming because the firms have to sort out useful information from the huge pile. It would be difficult for such a firm to use such data to provide customized services.
Finance firms can prevent this if they integrate digital intelligence systems with their business operations. Digital intelligence systems use artificial intelligence to work. These systems can capture, collect, and analyze how a client interacts with the firm. This will help the firm to provide quality services and improve their clients’ experiences. The systems will also let the firm knows when there is a problem that requires urgent attention. Intelligence systems come with insight tools that help organizations make informed decisions. Firms can use the systems to detect and fix any errors that have the potential to affect the firm’s finances. In a nutshell, intelligence systems can save firms millions of dollars that could have been lost due to errors. Intelligence systems can further be used to get money-making opportunities for the firm. Other sectors apart from the finance sectors can also follow suit and invest in intelligence systems. Otherwise, they might find themselves behind other large corporations and lose out on many benefits.

Create Mobile Apps

Even if your firm has a fully functioning website, you still need to build a mobile app with a friendly interface. Users find it easier and more accessible and convenient than visiting the website. Currently, the number of mobile banking application users has increased.
Your organization should develop mobile apps for their clients to give them more service options. You’ll also give your clients the autonomy to do what they want.
Firms should note that the mobile market is an ever-expanding one that attracts potential customers and generates money. Concerning this, firms should use digital tools to create Mobile apps to transform their businesses. They should not let the mobile app affect the usefulness of their firm’s website.

Give Priority To Security and Clients’ Privacies

Digital tools have their disadvantages, and two of them are privacy and security. Financial firms should make it a priority to protect people’s privacy and give them security. Before an organization will design and develop digital systems, they must ensure that they respect their clients’ privacy. Companies shouldn’t collect nor use their clients’ data without permission. It’s illegal to do so, and clients have the right to sue a firm that uses or shares their personal information without permission. The privacy issue has become a thing of concern in the 21st century. This is why the government has put regulations in place to monitor the use of data by tech firms. There are also regulatory boards that enforce these regulations in the finance industry. They help financial institutions to comply with data privacy and security regulations at a cheaper price. They also monitor finance institutions to prevent them from using AI systems to commit fraud.
As a result, organizations should review their business strategies to tighten their security against data breaches. Remember, no client will trust a company that has leaked its customers’ data and private information.


To add to the above tips, the finance sector, in particular, has been undergoing major digital changes for years. Therefore, finance companies should have enough resources to adapt to the new changes and provide better services. According to Longji Vwamhi, it’ll further strengthen their relationship with their clients and leave good legacies. This article is a reminder for finance firms to digitalize their business operations to attract more clients.

Longji Vwamhi