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For a digital marketer like Larby Amirouche, most probably generating new leads and converting them into customers or clients is his main goal.

Digital presence is a great way to reach your audience, however, that being present is not enough to attract leads. You need to maximize the opportunities. 

Lead generation strategies are one of the biggest challenges for a digital marketer like Larby Amirouche. Figuring out which methods to use to generate quality leads can be a challenge.

However, digital marketers must execute this right because it is the key to driving more traffic and to boost up sales. 

A business must find the perfect strategy depending on its needs and brand.

Larby Amirouche On Finding Digital Marketing Leads

Here are few ways on how you can generate digital marketing leads. You can choose options that are fit for your current strategy and budget. You do not need to apply everything, take note, it all depends on your business needs. 

  1. Website Optimization

Look at your website design, particularly your homepage. Since it receives a tremendous amount of traffic, reassessing and adjusting it may help in boosting your digital leads. 

You have to check whether your website is functioning properly or not. 

Website loading errors, lagging speed, and bad user interface will just turn off your potential customers. Instead of driving more traffic your customers will just find better sites where they can have a better experience. 

By optimizing your website, you can view clients or companies who have visited your website. This is particularly necessary for sales specific marketing. 

2. Create and Optimize a Mobile Version of the Website

Google requires websites to be more mobile friendly for it to rank. There is an increasing number of users who access search engines and websites through mobile, so this will be a worthy effort to generate leads. 

Therefore, if your website is not optimized for a smooth experience on the user’s smartphone, you should be alarmed.

You will be missing a lot of traffic to your site if it is not optimized and mobile-friendly. 

The best solution for this is to do a full website scan and target the areas or pages that are not mobile friendly. 

You can ask your web developer to optimize the web pages to be faster or create a totally different stand-alone website for a mobile version.

3. Build An App

Today, building an app is one of the easiest ways to get more traffic, and contribute to your lead generation strategies.

It is easily accessible however, not all potential customers you ask will download your app. You need to make sure that you offer unique services that your competitors haven’t thought of yet.

Having an app for your online business will give you endless possibilities.

If you keep on offering immense value to your users and are always a source of ease, having an app will continue to produce more traffic and generate a huge number of leads, while also taking care of its existing customers.

4. Set Up a Blog

Sometimes the information you provide on your site is not enough to satisfy your customers and they end up brushing off the idea of investing in it at all.

The solution for this is to create a blog or do guest blogging to publish more personalized content. Through your blog you can talk about how you can assist your customers’ needs, driving more traffic to your website.

You can use different keywords to attract customers. Best recommendation is to write a bunch of how-to articles on the best niches of digital marketing.

The best way is to keep a keen eye on the feedback you get from the customers about your product. Try to  answer these feedback or queries through your blogs and incorporate your services offered in it.


5. Use Social Media

If you are not utilizing social media to promote your business, you are missing almost or more than half of your leads. You can reach your prospects through social media if you know how to do it right.

You can record podcasts that can be played by multiple people and can be a source of generating new leads. You can upload this on iTunes and SoundCloud to promote your services. 

Moreover, you can optimize your podcast so it will appear on Google’s search results whenever similar keywords are searched.

Maximize your online presence through advertising your service on different social media channels.

Alternatively, you can engage in influencer marketing. It utilizes a familiar face or personality to influence the masses to buy a particular product or service.

This trend is effective because customers build trust in people they actually know or follow.

In addition, you can tap marketing bloggers to promote your business in a very subtle manner that will only generate more leads and drive further traffic.

This is one of the most clever hacks to attract an audience. The most credible advertising comes from people we are familiar with and trust.

6. Maximize Word-Of-Mouth

Once a customer posts a positive review of your business on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, people in their network notice your brand, too.

What you don’t know is that Google also sees things the same way. It gives priority to content with more shares and engagements leading to better ranking opportunities.

It seems old-school but WOM marketing still works. You tell two friends, and they tell another two, and it goes on and on.

In short, focus on an online word-of-mouth marketing strategy to increase lead generation.

7. Keep an Eye on the Latest Marketing Trend

If you are updated on the latest trends on digital marketing you have the advantage of working around these efforts to generate leads. 

A lot happens fast in the digital marketing sphere. It keeps evolving, which simply means that one has to keep devising their marketing strategy as well.

If you don’t keep an eye on what’s going around, you will lag behind those who keep updating their strategies with market trends.


Take note of this list from Larby Amirouche. Each strategy is helpful in creating a perfect and right lead generation effort. 

Moreover, you need to remember that successful lead generation strategies differ for each business. What is effective for the business of Larby Amirouche might not be suitable for you.

Finally, you need to keep in mind that generating a stream of new leads is not something that will happen overnight or even in a couple of days.

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Larby Amirouche
Larby Amirouche
Larby Amirouche from Chicago, IL is a pioneer in online marketing and e-commerce, widely admired as a business pioneer and trendsetter.

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