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Winter is here! And it is the time to gather some good dry, crispy firewood in Ludlow and enjoy some warm and cosy evenings with your loved ones.

Many people wonder what’s so important about firewood; it’s just a dry piece of wood that’ll burn out into ashes; which may be true, but here’s a fun fact to shed some light on its importance: Firewood is the most economical fuel for domestic usage. It is found that it is up to 4 times more cost-effective than oil and up to 6 times cheaper than electric heating methods.

Let’s discuss a bit about firewood to optimize this cost-effective fuel option for you further.

Yes, in this article, we’ll take a more in-depth, more elaborate look at Firewood- Shropshire’s one of the most essential yet under-rated commodities.

Uses of Firewood

Domestic-level firewood can be used as a fuel for all heating purposes such as interior heating, cooking, or small level power production. If you have good quality hardwood, it can also be used in a barbecue to sear met; it will produce as much heat as charcoal, but low-quality softwood may not generate such high temperatures.

Usually, two types of firewood are available in markets, hardwood and softwood. Though both are almost the same in size, weight, and cost, hardwood burns longer and produce more heat as it has very little moisture in it. In other words, if you bought some softwood, it wouldn’t give as much heat as the hardwood because a lot of energy is used up to evaporate the moisture inside softwood.

Which firewood is best?

Yes, hardwood is better for burning, but which type of hardwood burns the best?

Well, BTU (The British Thermal Unit) says Birch hardwood produces more heat compared to the same quantity of other firewood materials. According to their measurements, birch hardwood produces 26 BTU’s, while the same quantity of Oak produces 24 BTU’s, ash 23 BTU’s and softwood produces only 14 BTU’s of heat. The reason for Birch’s better burning quality is that it grows relatively slower and has a higher density than other fast-growing firewood.

Drier the Better

So far, we have understood that birch hardwood burns better than all other wood types, but before you go out to buy some firewood, there are some more factors you may want to consider.

When it comes to firewood, the drier it is, the better it will burn, and the more heat will be generated. Therefore, before buying firewood, one must make sure how dry the wood is. Usually, air-dried firewood is sold in the market because it saves some money for the supplier. But this wood still contains moisture inside and will not provide the best possible heating.

In comparison, kiln-dried hardwood burns long and produces more heat due to the lack of moisture inside it. Kiln-dried hardwood is heated inside a kiln until all the moisture inside it is gently evaporated; this makes the wood dry and the best for burning.

Where to Buy?

If you are an expert in firewood, you may be gearing up to go out in the market and check the wood with your hands before buying it, but the easier option of finding the best quality kiln-dried birch hardwood would be to buy online.

If you are looking for firewood in Shropshire, you are lucky because Shropshire has some of the best hardwood supply facilities online. The benefit of buying online from a trusted supplier is that you can be assured that every piece of wood you get will be of the same quality.

The best in the business offers home delivery in a uniformly stacked package to get more logs in every crate.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick up your Smartphone, check out the best firewood in Ludlow, and start ordering online now.

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