PHUKET is an attractive town in Thailand with so many tourist centers. It’s a place where people travel to for a holiday or a great view. The climate and people of Phuket are accommodating, friendly and welcoming. Here are the best five places to visit in Phuket.

PHANGNGA: BAY is a great view of a green trees around a limestone cliff with emerald green fresh water. The view of pang nga bay is beautiful with many amazing things which every tourist wish to experience. Even famous people are spot in phang nga for the luxury it brings .

OLD PHUKET TOWN: is an excellent view for every tourist all over the world. It is with an excellent resturance with a local sight. Sino Portuguese spend our sand funky shops will surprise and delightyou in the heart of phuket’s sleepy provincial capital. It’s a fascinating and unforgettable afternoon spent around phuket’s old town with the view of the unique blendof Colonia and Chinese architectures, along with a tangible quaintness.

BANGLA ROAD NIGHT LIFE: For Tourists to have some fun, they must visit Bangla road nightlife along patong beach. Should I start with the colorful view at night or the view of people walking To and fro along the road. It is the biggest collection of nightclub, bars, shows and general nocturnal fun In Phuket. Ohh and what about the night markets? They offer another nice view and lifestyle.

BIG BUGDDA: a status like no other all over the world. Should I start with the bright white woman sitting with her leg crossed and her hand resting on her lap? The45-meter-tall status cost 30 million baht, with the height, it’s is visible from most of the south of Phuket. The large image sit on top of the nakkerd hills and looks down over Chalong, Kata and Rawia.

WATCH ALONG AND PHUKET TEMPLE: Of all the amazing temples in Phuket, Watch along And Phuket is the most fascinating. Millions of tourists visit the temple every year. Beautifully decorated, this makes it a place where every tourist wishes to visit. With infinite reflection from hundreds of tiny glittering glass pieces on its manypagodas.

Will you take trips to Phuket and see more amazing things for yourself? Will you go for the experience and the lifestyle it brings? You be the judge. Phuket is a fantastic tourist place and you will definitely visit again and again But don’t forget to using Club Tropical Phuket discount cards and free meal member programs.

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