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fix car damage
By TEL TYRES 2,093 views

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Car Body Damage?

Repairs to an auto’s body can range from fixing small dings and scratches to replacing whole parts. Costs to fix a crash can also vary a lot: Depending on the damage, your car, and who you hire, you could get a bill for a low price.

Learning how much it costs to fix car damage could help you decide how much to save in case of an accident.

Learn about the damage to your car’s body and how much it could cost to fix it during Car Repair.

Even though damage to cars can happen anywhere, here are a few common fixes that auto shops see often. Among them are:

  • Front- or rear-bumper damage
  • Door mutilation
  • Windshield damage
  • Paint damage

Small fender benders, scrapes in the parking lot, and “hit-and-runs” can all cause this kind of body damage. In general, accidents and damage that are worse and cause more damage cost more to fix.

Cost Estimates for Fixing a Crash

For parts and labor, fixing or replacing a bumper can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to around $1,500. It’s a big range, but that covers everything from repairing small dents and scratches to getting a whole new car. If it’s just a scratch, you might want to get an estimate of how much it will cost to fix it and then decide if you want to do it yourself with a $10–$30 touch-up paint pen.

Costs to replace a bumper may be high because they involve more than just the bumper itself. Sensors and cameras are often hidden in the bumpers of new cars. Even if these don’t need replacement, they will need to be apart and put back together, which adds to the cost of labor. Also, once everything is in place, the new bumper needs to paint to match the rest of your car.

If your door has only a few small dents, fixing them can be cheap and quick. Services to fix dents in cars without using paint start at around $50 and go up depending on how big the dent is. When there are scratches on a car, the cost to re-paint it will go up.

Expect to pay a lot more if the damage is more than just a few small dings and scratches. Car doors can have complicated locks and wiring that can be hard to fix and cost a lot to fix. If you need to replace the whole door, it could cost around $800 for the door and several hundred for the work.

Small cracks or chips in your windshield may be able to fix for $60 or less, but bigger cracks may need a whole new windshield. It may be a repair you don’t want to put off since not being able to see well can make you more likely to get into an accident.

If your car can use a simple aftermarket windshield, replacing the front windshield can cost around $250. But some cars need special sizes or types of glass, and technology has even made its way into windshields. Windshields that have built-in sensors, like rain, fog, and collision sensors, are much more expensive to replace.
Most of the time, the cost of painting a car is added to the cost of other repairs. About $500 is a good estimate for how much it costs to paint a whole car. If you only want a single coat and fast service. If you use high-quality or specialty paints, a more thorough job could cost up to $2,500 or more.
When your car is damaged, on the other hand, you’ll usually only have to pay to paint the parts that have been damaged, so your paint costs will usually be lower.

5 Things That Affect How much it Costs to Fix Damage to a Car’s Body

Estimates that are all over the place for how much it will cost to fix a car accident might be annoying, but the truth is that costs vary a lot depending on things like:
1. Make and model: In general, it costs more to fix newer and more expensive cars than it does to fix older, more common cars.
2. Type of damage: A big dent or scratch will cost more to fix than a small dent or scratch.
3. Extra features: Your car will cost more to fix if it has more bells, whistles, and sensors.
4. Location: Local labor costs, the availability of parts, and competition between auto body shops can all affect how much you pay.
5. The repair shop: You can take your car to a dealership, an independent body shop, or a mobile service. Most of the time, dealerships will be the most expensive.

How to Find a Reliable Body Shop

Use a free car repair cost estimator tool, like the ones offered by AAA and NAPA Auto Parts, to get an idea of how much it will cost to fix your car based on where you live and what make and model it is. This will help you decide which auto shop to go to. Then, look for a few shops you can trust to get quotes from.
During your search, you might want to:
• Read reviews of the shops online.
• Ask about their experience with the make and model of your car.
Your insurance company may also suggest body shops or have a list of preferred shops that you can choose from to speed up the process of filing a claim. You don’t have to go to a shop that the company suggests, but if you do, you might get a discount or a warranty on the repairs MOT Test. If you go to a shop that is not in your insurance company’s network, you may have to pay the difference if the repairs cost more than they would at a shop that is in your network.
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