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Flawless Naturally Glowing Skin Without Spending a Penny
By MANISHA GULERIA 2,854 views

Flawless Glowing Skin Without Spending a Penny

Living in the era where stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, alcohol, late night parties being a part of the daily life that directly impact skin texture and quality. Everyone want flawless glowing skin thus it becomes essential to care extra so take some time out from the busy schedule for the care. Lot of products available in the market and suggested by beautician to have gorgeous and flawless skin.

Does it really work for all?

The answer is NO. Several reasons at the back of this.

– Everyone is not capable of spending money on expensive products

– Side- effects

– Time issue etc.

Things you will apply for glowing flawless healthy skin without spending on market products:

Remedies easily approachable in every house without going for market products. Some of them are mentioned below which are best for skin without spending money.

Ice cube:

Rub the ice cube on the face for clear glowing skin. Do not apply the ice cube directly on the face, wrap it in the cotton cloth to save skin from any side effect. Besides of the normal ice cube, you can make ice cubes of cucumber, tomato and rub them gently on the face.

glowing skin with icecube


Rub ice cube gently all over the face before make- up, this tip help makeup to stay longer.

Use fruit and veggie peels:

Are you throwing peels of fruits and vegetables in the dustbin? So from now don’t do this. You can apply peels by simply rub them gently on skin. You can use the peels of banana, papaya, apple, mango, potato etc. Just apply the peels and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that wash with normal water and see the difference.


Lemon naturally bleaches your skin and easily available on everyone’s place. Lemon benefits skin by removing blackheads, lighten the dark spots additionally even the skin tone. Rub lemon rind over the skin, leave it for some time after that washing face with water. Automatically you can feel the change in your skin.


Tomato is again having natural bleaching properties. Rub a little slice of tomato on all over the face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes after that wash it off.

Raw Milk:

Massage your face with milk gently and wash it off with water. It provides moisture to the skin and also removes the tan.

Raw Milk


Curd is really good for health if you have along with meals, but it is beneficial for the health of skin as well. It is the excellent anti-aging remedy, helps to lighten the complexion, moisture skin and also good bleaching agent.

Things to avoid for glowing flawless skin:

– The amount of make-up

– Not drinking ample amount of water

– Not eating fruits and veggies

– Poor diet

– Not taking minimum hours of sleep required as body demand for.

– Going out without covering on

– Having Alcohol and smoke

– No workout

– Use make-up while sleeping etc.