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The Most Viable Flooring Options for your Renovation

When you walk into a place, you look for the walls and then the flooring. Several flooring options are pretty famous as well as chic. Timber floor polishing or hardwood floor sanding will change the outlook of the wooden flooring, for instance.

When buying my first property, I attended countless open homes to find the perfect fit, one that had room to develop and add value through a renovation. When I finally purchased my home in 2020, the renovation was already underway as I had it all planned!

To start with, the interior of the house needed to be renovated first. The first thing to be done is to remove the old carpets from the floor. Finding hardwood floors underneath the old carpet, got me thinking about what options I had with flooring, what would be the best decision cost-wise as well as for the end goal, which was to add value. In the end, I hired a professional from the company Townsville floor sanding which offered a very competitive quote and resulted in stunning hardwood floors in my renovated home, this article will look at the reasons why I decided hardwood floors were the best flooring option for my renovation.

Types of flooring–

Now, let me break it down to you, these options were the flooring options that I considered.

Timber floor polishing:

These are the most common and sophisticated flooring options available in the market. I discovered under that carpet that I had hardwood floors, they were in pretty bad condition so they definitely needed some work.


  • Gives a flawless finish
  • No construction work needed – already there
  • Long term solution


  • Can have marks and damage in high traffic areas with rental properties especially
  • Expensive to maintain over time

Vinyl floorboards:

These are the alternative floorboards of hardwood floors. A synthetic “vinyl” product is added to the floor that looks a lot like hardwood flooring if you want it to.


  • Quite affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean up
  • Looks like any high-end finishing


  • Not everyone appreciates vinyl floorboards
  • Investment value is less as they are synthetic

Laminate’ timber looks’ floating flooring:

A very close resemblance to timber flooring in aesthetics


  • Less expensive than the timber flooring
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • You can combine different tones if you want
  • High resistance


  • Not ideal for every room, specifically the kitchen area or other wet areas


Carpet has its place in some rooms such as the bedrooms, adding comfort and a touch of warmth in the colder months


  • More affordable than the hardwood floors
  • Great for warmth
  • It has thousands of options available
  • Soundproof


  • Not suitable for bathroom or kitchen
  • Hard to clean therefore not ideal with children


The cost of tiling will blow out if you hire someone to do it for you, however, tiling properly is a tricky job.


  • It will last a long time
  • Variety in styles
  • Suits every corner of the house
  • Easy to clean


  • Much more expensive than the other options
  • We need professionals to install the tiles as it is hard to get a good finish as DIY

These were the best options as far as my research showed me. But before deciding, I needed to answer these questions to understand what would be the best option for my situation.

What type of flooring is easiest to install for DIY?

The DYI option will save us the labor cost and I wanted to experience the work myself. This will not add to the investment cost, just the material cost.

The easiest one to install is the laminated flooring and the carpets. Laminated flooring needs proper adhesive, and the carpets will only need adequate alignment.

What is the most cost-effective?

We are looking for profits. So, anything affordable will be much appreciated.

The vinyl floorboards, laminated flooring, and carpeting are affordable.

What sort of flooring will add the most advantage?

The hardwood floor and tiles will add the most value to the house as they’ll change the outlook completely, however rental properties will not be the most durable.

Is hardwood a luxurious choice?

Yes, but it doesn’t need to be overly expensive to achieve restored hardwood floors. I wanted to stick to the hardwood floor from the starting as it adds to a sense of timeless beauty in a home, the goal was to add value with this renovation with the idea to sell it later down the track. Considering that the hardwood flooring was already there, just needed some attention and sanding.

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