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4 Florida Art Gallery Districts You Should Visit

Art may seem, for the most part, to some people, a lone wolf’s occupation. Sure, from the beginning of creation to the end of completion, an artwork, just like some sort of writing, typically requires isolation and privacy. However, with regards to selling a piece of art, and, more often than not, even being motivated enough to create it, being alone is not always the best option.

Therefore, the establishment of art gallery districts, where art enthusiasts keep their artworks, is quintessential. Visitors are usually permitted to witness the artists at work and can view and but buy the crafts as well.

In Florida, there are plenty of art gallery districts that preserve and keep their most precious crafts. Fascinating wildlife, sparkling water, and pristine beaches, it is not hard to see why a lot of artisans are, for the most part, inspired by the landscape of Florida. Here are four popular Florida art gallery districts where you can take a visit and maybe choose a unique artwork as a token from your trip.

Railroad Square, Tallahassee

Railroad Square is home to about fifty small shops, art galleries, and studios. It is a creative and innovative haven, particularly for the students of Florida State University. Railroad Square in Tallahassee is a community of craftspeople and artisans who work and live in a ten-acre park nearby Florida A&M and Florida State University.

This art gallery district was once an industrial railroad park and lumberyard. It started to take shape as a community for artists in the mid-1970s. At the present period of time, the vibrant and buoyant art gallery district attracts a diverse crowd of about eight thousand young professionals, families, and college students to have a look around the shops and galleries.

Moreover, the crowd can enjoy food truck fare and listen to live music. Famous and renowned stops include an Arabian belly-dancing studio that encourages the participation of the audience and performs, the 621 Gallery for modern art, and Tasty Eats.

Grand Central District, St. Petersburg

The Grand Central District in St. Petersburg is a thriving artist community and home decor. Be sure to witness the Art Walk on the 2nd Saturday of the month as it features at least thirty galleries, for example, Craftsman House Gallery and the Zen Glass Studio.

St. Petersburg, dubbed as the number one mid-sized city for art by American Style Magazine, it is a cultural hub with, for the most part, waterfront establishments, for example, the Dali Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Chihuly Collection at the Morean Arts Center.

This art gallery district extends thirty blocks (east to west) from the waterfront institutions. Additionally, it includes at least twenty-five art museums. Locals usually absorb the walk by choosing several art galleries of choice every month and then alternating to others through the year.

Usually, the art galleries close about six o’clock, and if it’s a working day, the people cannot visit there during the week. Therefore, the Gallery Walk provides a special time for the people to see art.

The Art Galleries of St. Augustine

Engross yourself in the old days by visiting St. Augustine, the oldest city in America, with an immersion of art. One of the famous stops during the First Friday Artwalk in St. Augustine is the Butterfield Garage Gallery by artist Jan Miller.

Artist Jan Miller, a Chicago-born artisan, launched her art gallery as, for the most part, a cooperative space in ‘99. Today, it features the work of twenty-nine artists. The entire town is dedicated for the Artwalk.

Sure, it is a small town, but it is a historic and treasured one. Visitors can walk around the town and can take advantage of the free shuttle train that’ll stop at various locations along the trip. The art walk includes fifteen member art galleries in the St. Augustine area.

Moreover, there are also other must-visit venues in the town. It includes the Crisp Ellert Museum and the Lightner Museum, both museums showcase work of international and nationally renowned artists, such as the Pasta Gallery that exhibit works from regional artists.

Bradenton Village of the Arts

This art gallery district is yet another creative haven where artisans work and live together in almost three hundred and fifty homes, thirty-five of these homes are studios, galleries, shops, and restaurants open to the people.

The Bradenton Village of the Arts is like an Easter basket of cottages painted in pastel. Even the restaurants display and exhibit colorful, vibrant local art.


No matter where in Florida or what region in Florida you go to, there is sure to be a buzzing, lively art scene. Do not miss out on visiting and witnessing Florida’s culture by visiting these art gallery districts. Also, don’t miss out on a chance to buy mementos.

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