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Foamex printing
By JOE MAILLET 730 views

Why should you Choose Foamex Signage for Advertising Purpose?

As David Ogilvy had once quoted, a good advertisement is the one that sells the product without drawing attention to itself, how true and precise is the quote. Advertisements using foamex printed signage are so common in the current world that most of them go unnoticed by most of us. This signage captures and holds the attention of the customers and encourage them to go ahead and check out their contents.

Vibrant, appealing, and captivating to the eyes of the beholder, this method of advertising has been the go-to of almost all businesses, be it a departmental store or a small hardware store. Everyone uses advertisements to attract customers. In that case, it is equally vital that these advertising signage boards are not poorly printed. That is the last thing you want as a business owner. Poorly printed signages fail to do the job and work the opposite, in warding off the customers and incurring you unnecessary losses.

Signage advertisement boards come in two categories- one the traditional printed signages and the other is the digital signage boards. While many different possibilities open up if you choose digital signage, your business still needs a permanent, flexible and reliable signage board that can survive the test of time without requiring human intervention. Digital signage boards demand maintenance and human attention after some time interval, while the printed signages stand tall and are hands-free.

Foamex sign boards have been the game-changer in the advertising business owing to their sturdy, reliable and lightweight material. These are a blend of all the goodness mixed in a single pot- economic pricing, quality printing, the durability of time, and portability. They do not need any further introduction, as the foamex board has been the most sought for and desired panels for printing signages. Companies in the UK have been churning out beautifully finished boards that act as catalysts in the process of attracting customers and visually stimulating them to go for the advertised product or deal.

The Printing companies use the most advanced printing technology to ensure that it delivers quality-assured, premium quality products to its customers. Their experienced and professional staff secures the needs of the customers and makes sure that they provide the products in the best possible and fastest turnout time. Not only are they hassle-free, but also their full-colour printing services that use UV inks give a premium finesse to the printed boards.

Foamex boards are cost-friendlier than digital signages-

Most often, the most common notion that we have is that digital printing requires less cost than foamex printing which is a misconception. Digital printing is an investment that incurs recurring maintenance costs to keep the boards running and updated. On the other hand, Foamex printed signages are cost-friendly and require less investment, and are durable.

Foamex Boards are portable than digital signages-

There are times when we need to transport the advertisement boards to a different location than where it was installed earlier. Transporting digital signage boards is a vast and delicate task in itself owing to the extra care they ask for. Not only that, it has to be installed back in the new location properly. Foamex printed signage boards do not require this extra care and attention. They are portable and hassle-free and can be placed easily.

Foamex Boards are longer lasting than digital signages-

The Foamex printed signage boards are longer-lasting and cause less fuss owing to the zero maintenance services that they need. They are also durable and flexible when handling, while the digital signage boards require regular maintenance services.

Now that we are aware of what and why printed signages are essential, let’s see what the applications of these printed foamex signage boards are:

Foamex sign printing-

A signboard is an inevitable part of every site where people need to take extra precautionary measures to be safe from the dangers involved. These boards are typically placed in construction sites, mining sites, and many more, especially the places that demand caution.

Foamex sign printed boards are the best option for these kinds of cautionary boards, they are low-maintenance, and self-extinguishable panels and are weather-resistant and sturdy.

Foamex Hoarding Board Printing-

Hoarding boards are the first thing that draws the attention of the passerby. They are vibrant, bright, and larger. These boards need to be creatively curated to ensure that the message is crisp and clear and capture the curiosity of the onlookers.

Printed Shell Scheme Foamex Panels-

Have you ever noticed the panels of a store set up in places like that of the exhibitions and fairs? Don’t they look appealing?

These are known as the exhibition panels or the printed shell scheme panels. This method of marketing is usually made as a booth-like structure that can be easily set up using velcro and double-sided tapes. The panels are printed with higher resolution and are lightweight, fire retardant, and portable. Even though they are used for a shorter time frame, these installations are advertising structures that attract customers in minutes.

Foamex Board Printing- 3mm, 5mm and 10mm

The traditional method of printing boards, the foamex board printing is used for advertisement in shops, stores, as mounting artwork and many more. They come in variable thickness- 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.