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Food Delivery
By DEEPMOTERIA 1,296 views

Top Apps Ruling the Food Delivery Market in UK

On-demand services are ruling the online business worldwide, with people leaning towards it because of its wide variations. The variations include the comfort of getting doorstep solutions. Any service that one can get effortlessly and at their doorstep with affordable price then people will be attracted to it. In this article, we will get through the UK food delivery market and some of the apps which are ruling the UK territory. In 2020, the revenue generated by the UK food delivery service is US$ 5988 Million. The total number of users tally in the UK is 24.8 Million as of now. The stats and reports highly suggest that revenue and users’ value is expected to rise more and more in the near future. People in the UK enjoy delicious and tasty food, and some of the top food delivery service providers took advantage and established their name in the UK food delivery market. These apps remain the preferred choice for the customers because of their quality delivery service and ability to withstand the tough competitions.

Just Eat

Just Eat is a London-based on-demand food delivery industry founded way back in 2001 in Denmark. After a few years of trial and error, they established new investors and relaunched themselves with this time, headquartered in London, UK. Just Eat has captured the British market within a short time. People started using Just Eat for their food requirements and got fond of their effective service. As of 2018, Just Eat revenue is around 800 Million. Just Eat offers a wide range of restaurants and cuisine to the customers for satisfying their cravings. This is why startups and even well-established entrepreneurs are intending to invest in an online ordering platform for restaurant business as it will help them to get success in the cutthroat competitive market. 


UberEats is an international food delivery brand which has its presence in the UK region. UberEats is the subsidiary of Uber, which is one of the largest on-demand cab booking platforms worldwide. Uber is already a well-known brand all over the world, and its food delivery service is also top-rated worldwide, and it is very popular in the UK region. UberEats has collaborated with the well-known food franchise and eateries in the UK to provide the customers with a variety of food and cuisine. They are very famous, and it is one of the preferred apps for people in the UK for its trustworthy service.


Deliveroo’s food delivery app also stands on the list of top food delivery apps in the UK. Deliveroo was founded in 2013 and has collaborated with as many as 17K restaurants in the UK. After reasonable success in the UK region, Deliveroo started its expansion rapidly in the broad UK region. They are constantly improving their service and reaching out to a wide range of restaurants to give good customer service and customer choices. Deliveroo has successfully engaged with the UK audience with excellent service, and it is now available in more than 200 towns and cities in the UK region. Thus, Deliveroo is also one of the trusted and user choice apps for good delivery in the UK.

Food hub

The food hub is the local UK on-demand food delivery service providing effective food delivery from the nearby restaurants in the UK’s cities and towns. The food hub is known for offering exclusive offers and discounts to the customers, and they also don’t charge any service fee from the customers for their food orders. Their only focus is to provide the users with great taste and wide varieties of cuisines and experience. The food hub is one of the platforms that can give stiff competition to the competitors by providing exclusive food services to the customers. Also, they have a presence in more than 100 cities and towns in the UK market. Thus, Foodhub is one of the local apps serving an effective food delivery service in the UK.


Customers order food on demand because they want their favorite food with comfort and ease. Either you are at the park or rolling around the beach, you can request food delivery anywhere in the city. The food delivery service has helped people get employment, and they can earn as it provides flexible working hours and gets tips from the customers. People also get their food and meal without any hustles within time, and they don’t need to take out time from their busy schedule to arrange their food. As a food delivery service provider, if you can gain the trust of your customers with adequate service and offers and if you can regain your customers to order, again and again, you will be the customer’s preferred choice. Thus, the UK food delivery market has a lot of scope and opportunities in the upcoming years.


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