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Biking Stories
By ANCHIT SOOD 1,902 views

For the Love Of Biking Travelled a Part & Miles to Go

In this short Post/Story, I will share my experience of a dream that came true and blessed me with my ever-loving bike.

Riding ZMr was an Old dream which came true on a Glimpse of the Diwali festival, The DAY 3rd November when i drive home the happiness as a white angel .I still mesmerize that lovely feeling when ZMR was standing on my lawn and in Night when the diwali celebration started I had a strong reason to celebrate by looking at the glimpse of it . Coming to rider I am an aspiring rider who loves biking and has a good touring spirit . Its goes like “” I don’t need destination to drive Just a direction “” I DON’T LIVE FOR DESTINATION I LIVE FOR JOURNEY “” and well this is true I just love biking for the touring spirit , Although ZMR is a good and tough racing bike but my Biker attitude is particularly well to Touring more than racing

ZMR is truly blessed with a gem of an Engine, Ride quality and Economy. The bike looks like a racer’s edge and fearing is mounted in a proper manner thus keeping Aerodynamics in mind which gives your good confidence in corners. It has Got Digital meter with blue lightning which is always easy to read while driving, Meter is equipped with a digital Speed Meter, Rpm, clock, Real Rime Mileage Indicator & Digital Fuel Gauge. Taking a bike on Highways was the next thing to do Because a bike needs a highway to SING

Even on highways it reacts quicker and attains 0-60 in just 3.5 secs Thanks to Programmed Fuel Injection PGMFI due to which ZMR gives you a fuel economy Between 35 – 45 Km-pl depending on riding and terrain.

What you can expect from me from this post?

Travelers Guide to travel

You can always guide your fellow riders about the Tour and Riding Guides which will always be helpful. Planning a Trip in another part we can always look over, Something like rallies or Roadshows is always welcomed. Just to show off Biking stuff out there we can have bag packs and show what we have got under the hood.

Give live tips

You can always give and take Live tips on biking, we are soon going to launch our online message, A app version of which will be connected to Facebook and whats app to be in touch with the Bikers with ease.

We can also give live tips to fellow riders about the problems that either they face or we have solved during biking hours.

Sharing Travelogues

Now this is the most interesting  part I guess because

Being A biker we are always under Spot Light So if we are under a spotlight let it Light up everyone and we can share our travelogues with photos and of course Do’s & Don’ts

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Anchit Sood

Anchit is currently the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Reputation Savvy Inc. & Websetters which is a pioneer in creating big brand websites, develops social media content, Online Reputation Management, and Marketing strategy