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Future of any country is its children and contributing towards their education is a noble way of earning for the self. Opening a play school franchise is an easy way of engaging one self and the resources in preparing small children for formal education. Partnering with parents for early education of children eases their tasks of teaching the children good manners and values. Play school is the first place where children go after completing two years of age. The very first challenge they face is of adjusting to a new environment and sticking to the norms. Some of the important roles that a play school performs in shaping up the personality of a child are:

  • Role of a teacher

In a play school in South Delhi, the children come to a teacher. A teacher is assigned to every class; in fact, 2 -3 children can be assigned to the same class depending upon the strength of the class. Since children at age of 2.5 or 3 years need help in lots of activities, the role of a teacher is more of that of a facilitator. The teacher shows the way to sit in the class, to ask for permission to talk,  to go out of the class and to others. Thus, the children learn social scripts that they can use to get through their way while dealing with other entities in their environment.

  • A trainer

At a play school franchise, the focus is laid on the overall development of the small children. Thus, the school comes up with lots of activity ideas that can help children identify their likes, dislikes or hobbies, or their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers work as a trainer too by giving the children guidance on acquiring basic skills like reading and writing and other skills.

Training is also given to help children face interviews for admission in nursery class in a formal school. The environment in playschool is made conducive to the growth and development of a child in all aspects. The environment is made welcoming with the help of posters and boards. There are fun ways adopted of attracting the children towards learning letters, numbers and other skills that help them express themselves in a variety of ways.

  • A place where social skills are developed

Children at the age of 3 and less are quite impressionable. Their energy is to be directed in the right direction to ensure that they make best use of their physical and mental abilities. Apart from learning, a play school is the place for learning social behavior. Children are segregated in groups to give them a sense of belonging. They make friends and also develop a sense of respect for elders and helpers on the guidance of their teachers. Through activities like birthday parties and celebrations, they learn to behave in various situations.

So, opening play school in South Delhi is certainly the best use of money and resources. By being the first point of learning for kids, a play school contributes significantly to shaping the future of the nation by giving solid foundation of learning to small kids.

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