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learning apps
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Exceptional Ways Free Learning Apps are Enhancing Skill & Development

Technology has made a prominent position in our lives and enhance the way we work, talk, & do things. With time and things have changed, we are much inclined towards tech-driven solutions to do a plethora of tasks quickly.

The best example is the increasing disruption of smartphones that have reshaped the way book things, order online, & communicate. No sector is left untouched by the rising impact and widespread reach of smartphones and mobile app.

Learning & Development (L&D) is also not left behind with the increasing emergence & acceptance of free learning apps. It is a modern-day learning process available for students and corporate professionals to learn something influential while on the go.

At present, there is no shortage of learning apps delivering impactful learning lessons, videos, & courses. However, the best one reigns supreme that features free videos, interactive content, short information, and other features.

Thus, to help you access the right and free learning platform, we offer valuable information in the blog based on the following touchpoints.

* Statistics of Mobile Learning Adoption

* How Mobile Education Affects the Learners?

* Improve Mobile App Learning Through Various Steps

 Let’s discuss the above points in detail.

Statistics of Mobile Learning Adoption –

Mobile users have grown exponentially over the past decade. There has been an increasing acceptance of learning mobility due to the easy accessibility of devices and seamless internet connectivity.

* 80% of the users access smartphones on a daily basis

* 27% of the users only use a smartphone

* Mobile internet usage has increased from 0.4 hours to 2.8 hourly daily

* 90% of the users have their smartphone with them round the clock

* An average use looks at the smartphone at least 221 times a day

* 59.9% of the users prefer to consume learning and corporate training content on mobile apps

* 52% of the users prefer mobile learning in bed after waking up from the sleep

* 46% of the users prefer mobile learning before going to sleep

How Mobile Education Affects the Learners?

At present, a majority of students and corporate professionals have seamless accessibility to smartphones. So, they have direct access to learning apps that offer the following few advantages:

* Personalized Learning Approach:

Free learning video apps offer a personalized level of learning to all learners. With this, there is no hassle to feel outnumbered in physical training sessions.

Learning apps offer the facility to learn at your own pace and personalized the timing accordingly.

* Knowledge Enhancement:

The area of education is dynamic and keeps on changing without any notice. There would be new techniques, methods, and lessons that you must be aware of. In that case, the mobile app learning platform is an ideal destination to find upgrade skills in short videos. It allows you to enhance your knowledge and stay up-to-date in a hassle-free manner.

* 24/7 Learning Availability:

In connection with ease of accessibility and a personalized learning approach, learning apps further offer 24/7 availability. Gain the required knowledge from videos, whenever you feel like it with no time restriction.

Improve Mobile App Learning through Various Steps –

Not just features, but the overall quality of educational content and the way the app presents it matter a lot. It’s a mandatory requirement on the part of learners to find improvement in learning through the following few factors:

1. Information in Smaller Chunks:

Microlearning is the new trend that people have accepted with open hands. It means learning details available in small chunks through short videos. This is because people are too busy in this fast-paced world and have less time to learn something new. Therefore, the small bit size of information will be ahead of the learning curve.

2. Collaborative Process:

Mobile learning platforms do not offer a single-sided learning advantage. But a collaborative approach between a learner and a learning content producer. Being a learner, it is your preference to watch the best short videos with apt information. On the other side, content creators understand the relevance and preference of learners to create gainful content to enhance knowledge.

3. Secured Learning Platform:

A security breach is a constant threat to lose valuable information. However, reliable and free short video app always gives utmost preference to maintain a high level of security. Thus, only trust the platforms that offer secured login and double encrypted processes to safeguard your personal information.

4. Limitless Learning:

Undoubtedly, there is no end to learning via apps. Be it like for school students and working professionals, there is always room for new educational and learning videos. With free video learning app, there is always a scope to learn something new, trendy, and free.


Microlearning through the way of mobile apps has dramatically changed the way of acquiring new skills. There are a plethora of opportunities on the part of learners to enhance knowledge grow productivity to an optimum level. Thus, make way for the best free short learning app and start adding a new experience to personal and professional life. Let the search for the best short video app ends here!

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