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Caroline Plouff
By CAROLINE PLOUFF 5,611 views

How to Taking Care of Fresh Cut Flowers

Cut flowers are best to decorate your home. Flowers gives you immense pleasure and lift your mood. You can’t resist yourself from the beauty and elegance they have. People love to have cut flowers to decorate their home but they need to know, how you can take care of them so that they can last as long as possible. Cut Flowers comes in dozens of varieties to range from fun to delicate and elegant. When you are selecting cut flowers such as calla lilies, tulips, spray roses, orchids or tropical varieties, it becomes important to know how to take care of the flowers once they arrived. Following are the tips to take care of your flower section.

Know Where to Cut

Cutting about ½ inch from the bottom of the flower stem after it is bought will help to keep your cut flowers fresh and allow the water to easily absorb. As long as stem will be hydrated, it will keep the cut flower fresh for days. Cutting is the technique which varies from flower to flower like in, carnation cutting just above the leaf nodule to get the most benefit. The stem should be cut to the maximum surface area is formed. More is the surface area the more will be the supply of water and nutrients to the flower. You can cut the stem underwater to prevent bubbles from entering into the veins of the stem.

Use the Right Water Temperature


Place the flowers in a vase. Use the warm water as it contains less oxygen than cold water. Using distilled water is the best for cut flowers. Water should be replaced after 2-3 days.  You should spray the flowers with a mild mist of water daily. Use cold water for bulb flowers such as hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils.

Feed the Flowers

You can get small plant food packets from the florist and nurseries. This food provides nutrients to the flowers. Pour some of it into the vase when you place the flowers. If you do not have plant food alternative you can use is sugar, a few tablespoons of lemonade or even a tablet of aspirin.

Use the Right Vase

Never place the cut flowers in metallic containers as they reduce the effect of flower food. Daffodils should be placed in their own vase as the stems of these flowers give off a substance that is toxic to other flowers.

Check the Temperature

Flowers stay fresh in the light and at the temperature of 65-72F. High temperature can deteriorate the flowers faster so keep them in a cooler room. Lower the temperature, longer the flower will remain fresh.

Caroline Plouff has her own market farm which is specialized in various cut flowers. She is also an agriculture manager at Bettendorf’s.

Caroline Plouff

Caroline Plouff is agriculture manager at Bettendorf's and her background in agriculture helps keep the project's training programs cutting-edge. Caroline Plouff operates her own market garden, specializing in cut flowers, fruit, herbs, and unique vegetable varieties.She is fully dedicated towards her work. She is also an agricultural business planning course instructor for the Department of Agricultural Resources Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham.