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spring cleaning
By LIAM SMITH 993 views

8 Tips to Freshen up your Home this Spring

We all do a bit of cleaning in springtime but why not go extra length this year and freshen up your home a bit more. Instead of scrubbing hard, think of possible home improvements and changes to your lifestyle this spring. From simple decluttering to repaint the house’s façade, here are 8 tips on how to freshen up your home this spring.

Try harder to reduce clutter

Spring cleaning can be tiring because it involves the entire house. Having spent days cleaning the whole place, you then have to watch as clutter makes its way back inside your house, which is devastating. Well, don’t worry too much, as clutter is recursive in nature. All you need to do is try harder to reduce or even better, get rid of clutter entirely by finding a place for everything inside the house and we mean everything.

For example, collectibles can be displayed on shelves or the mantelpiece and magazines and newspapers can have a separate rack in the kitchen. Finally, electronic clutter such as cables and cords shouldn’t lie tangled up on the floor but inside special boxes, you can order online and place behind the work desk.

Rearrange the furniture

Moving the furniture away from the wall is an essential part of spring cleaning. While the couch is sitting in the middle of the room or you’ve brought in the garden set, has it ever occurred to you that you might reposition them while you’re there? Yes, spring is the ideal time to rearrange the furniture and bring a breath of fresh air to your house.

A word of notice, don’t plan on the go, as you need to have a possible layout inside your head before you start pushing sofas and wardrobes across the room. Also, if you’re moving larger pieces of furniture, call a couple of friends to help to protect your back from overstraining.

One piece of furniture needs to go each year

Apart from repositioning the furniture, we are sorry to say but you’ll need to say goodbye to one piece of furniture. This is an essential part of the change in nature that spring ushers in. Choose carefully which item you’ll take from the house but don’t throw it away, rather donate it to charity if it’s in decent enough shape. This tip is ideal for those homeowners who like to cling on to material stuff, nearly becoming hoarders in the process.

Paint the house from the outside

Once you’re done tending to the furniture, it’s time to turn your attention to the exterior of the house. Namely, in most parts of Australia, the sun is quite strong so the residential facades suffer from paint chipping off after just a decade in use.

Therefore, the importance of regular exterior painting in Sydney and other metropolitan areas cannot be stress enough. You don’t have to paint your home’s façade each spring but ideally, every other spring professional painters should at least repair your house’s exterior.

Dimming the lights

We hope that you’ve by now made the switch from incandescent light bulbs to LED ones. You shouldn’t only replace the lights in the kitchen or the bathroom, but the bulb down in the basement and the one up in the attic.

As far as the bedroom and the living room are concerned, you can go with installing dimmers this spring. They are ideal for creating the ideal atmosphere if you’re watching a movie or want to enjoy a romantic evening. To get you in the right mood, we’ll just remind you that LEDs lower your energy bill as an extra perk. 

Add children’s artwork to the walls

If you’re thinking about how to make the interior more personal, then search no further. Displaying artwork on walls is the ideal solution to make the space look more homely this spring. Simply take a drawing your child made, frame it, and hang it up in the living room. 

Think about the fabrics

What paint is to exterior walls, fabrics are to the décor of your home. From the cushions on the sofa to the towels in the bathroom, fabrics inside your home have the power to makeover the interior décor. This spring, you should update the fabrics with brighter color options.

For instance, you can replace the old, weather-beaten cushion on garden furniture and have the cushion on your living room sofa reupholstered. Also, head to a home center and buy a set of matching towels or sheets to bring in a sense of orderliness into your home.

Plantlife: Flowers

Hopefully, you like floral patterns and they are going to be featured on the upholstery we have advised you to buy in the previous paragraph. However, real flowers are certainly better than images of flowers.

Since spring is the time they bloom, be sure to throw in as many flowers as possible after you are done, cleaning, rearranging the furniture, and decluttering. You can place them in vases and pots on the kitchen counter, living room coffee table or the mantelpiece. Their mesmerizing colors and potent scents will make you feel less nervous.

Springtime should be associated with joy and your home shouldn’t be much different. The 8 tips we’ve listed above all serve the purpose of making you happy while employing you on some useful tasks, such as decluttering and cleaning. 

Liam Smith

Liam Smith is a young and aspiring Australian blogger with a passion for everything related to home, design and lifestyle. He has a B.Sc. in Interior design and is an avid reader.