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By OLIVIA RODRIGO 2,178 views

Can We Wear Frock Dresses To The Office?

Clothes reflect our style; therefore, we should have the freedom to wear whatever we want. However, there are certain workwear rules that you must follow, especially if you are in a leading position at work, you might want to be extra curious while selecting your office wears. There are frock dresses for women of all age groups. You need to make a conscious effort to find the styles best suited to your office norms. Let’s dive deeper and find out which frock dresses can pass the office dress code policies and how to style them so that you can look edgy and don’t have to compromise on your fashion choices.

What is a Frock Dress?

In simple words, it is a dress made from a frock. A frock is a long flowy garment that usually covers the upper body and has an attached skirt below the waist. The fitted bodice of a frock dress is often loved by working women.

How to Wear a Frock Dress at Work?

Despite the formal workwear policies, you can keep up with your fashion choices. Many corporate houses allow casual clothing once a week. Utilize that opportunity to get rid of boring clothes and upgrade your wardrobe by ordering some frock dresses for women. It is very easy to spoil the look of a frock dress when wearing it at the office, make sure you follow this style guide to keep your dressing sense top-notch at work.

1. Make Solid Colours Your Friend:

Keep the stripes and bold prints reserved for weekend outings and Sunday brunches. In case you want to wear a frock dress at the office, you must be extra careful with the color choices. Solid colors are safer choices as you look will look formal and elegant. Darker solid colors are also helpful with all body shapes, your body will look toned in a solid-colored frock dress as compared to a bright dress.

2. Be Careful With The Prints:

As discussed above, solids are best suited for office wear. Still, if you want to experiment with the looks then buy cotton dresses online with colorful motifs like calico. The tiny floral prints are hard to observe from a difference-making it a suitable option for office wear.

3. Style Guide For The Neckline:

You want to create head-turning statements with your frock dresses but definitely for the right reasons. To make sure that your dress is office-appropriate, avoid halters or bareback styles. The neckline should not be too deep for workwear, if you love a frock dress that leaves your shoulders bare, but you want to wear it to your office, you can always keep the grace intact by pairing it with a shrug or jacket of choice.

4. Dresses for Different Body Types:

Before you buy cotton dresses online, confirm the right option for your body structure. Rather than committing fashion crimes, pick the type suitable for a particular body type. For instance, V necks look best on apple-shaped body types, whereas pear-shaped women should pick dresses that accentuate the shoulders of the garment. If yours is a rectangular type body shape, you can wear a frock dress which is clinched at the waistline.

5. Determine the ideal length:

As a rule of thumb, an outfit that is more than two inches above the knee length is not accepted as workwear. Apart from that, you can choose the length of the dress that accentuates your features and complement your height. Shorter women can go for shorter lengths and taller women can also pick a calf-length dress to complement their height.


What are the right accessories to style frock dresses at the office?

With your basics clear, you can start shopping for Frock Dresses for Women. But things don’t end here, as no look is complete without proper accessories. You need to be extra cautious for picking up the accessories suitable to office policies. To wear a frock dress to the office, keep the following styling suggestions in mind:

  • Both heels and flats look cute but make sure you choose comfort over style as you are going to be working for straight eight hours in an office.
  • Resist the urge to experiment with lots of accessories at the office. Keep it simple and minimal.
  • Pick cute diamond studs as long earrings don’t look neat and conservative at offices.
  • Carefully select the type of wristwatch and bag and refrain from creating style statements.

Never underestimate the power of clothing. When done wrongly, it would create havoc for your professional career. So, make sure you keep the vibes subtle and simple while creating a fashion statement with a frock dress at work. Devoid of bold prints and textures, and always wear matching shoes with a dress to accentuate the look. Formal wears make you look authoritative, so keep this fact in mind while shopping for frock dresses.

Olivia Rodrigo

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