If you’re a proud homeowner, then you know that the front yard speaks volumes about your property and the family that lives there. From a freshly painted front door to a verdant lawn, the attention to details is what separates your front yard from the neighbours’. You can always do more to beautify your property and make the front yard truly stand out.

Repaint the front door

In terms of curb appeal, the front door is the most important single element of the façade. If the wood on the door is battered and the paint is peeling away, you won’t impress anyone. After you prepare the door for painting, use vibrant colour to catch everyone’s eye. Whichever colour you choose for the front door, it should differ significantly from the overall colour scheme of the house.

Eliminate all the eyesores

There are homeowners who think of both the front yard and the backyard as nothing more than open-air storage units. Old filter pumps, disused garden furniture, and AC units are all an eyesore, so you should remove them before you make any steps to beautify your front yard.

Instead of just throwing them away, load them into a skip bin and send them to a recycling plant. As an alternative, you can reuse most of the junk you have lying around. For instance, two chairs can be welded together to form a bench.

Landscape in layers

Trimming and shaping bushes or the hedge goes without question if you want to make the front yard stand out. However, not all properties are set on flat ground, so it can prove difficult to mow the lawn, for instance. If there is a slope in front of your house, use this natural feature to create layers.

Erecting a retaining wall would establish two levels of the front yard. This way, you can plan amenities for both, respectively. The foliage at the bottom is going to be lower in height, while you can plant small trees at the top level.

Take good care of your lawn

In general, the front yard has fewer amenities than the backyard but the front of the house boasts a verdant lawn. The mesmerizing colour green is achieved and maintained by taking good care of the health of the grass.

You should aerate the ground and cut the blades to the right height (trim only one-third of its length). Finally, invest in a retractable hose reel as made by Hoselink to water the lawn regularly but don’t soak it or puddles will form on the surface.

Keep the fence low

You need a tall fence in the backyard but there is no need it in front of the house. If you live in a neighbourhood that doesn’t have a particularly high crime rate, then a low fence will do the trick. It can be made from white wooden planks, mesh wire or bricks; whatever you fancy.

The true purpose of a low fence is not to increase security but to beautify your front yard. The lawn should open onto the fence which forms a border between it and the sidewalk. An extra benefit of a low fence is its cost since it is far less expensive than a full-size fence.

Add several lighting fixtures

All of the improvements we have discussed so far have to do with the look of your property during the day. However, if you want your front yard and the house, in general, to truly stand out, then it needs to be impressive after dark as well.

There are numerous lighting features that can create a welcoming ambience for your property. For starters, you can decorate the driveway and the paths with solar-poured LEDs. Not only will these lights make it safer to park the car at night but these lights can alternate colours to create a residential light show.

If you have tall trees on the front lawn, then consider adorning them with lanterns. In general, you should look to incorporate lighting fixtures into the existing landscape. Remember the retaining wall we mentioned earlier? Well, you can decorate it with wall lamps set in stone niches.

A water feature is a virtual must

The backyard is perfect for all sorts of water features, from a swimming pool to a small fountain. Heck, You can even build a mini-golf course! However, the front yard can also benefit from running water in terms of exterior design. A miniature waterfall or a birdbath will embellish every front yard.

Whichever water feature you decide on in the end, the biggest benefit you’ll reap is the pacifying sound of running water. The burble of water has a calming effect on the human nervous system, helping us relax. Additionally, a birdbath will attract a melodies twitter to your property.

There are so many charming houses in every block nowadays, so making your estate stand out isn’t easy. However, if you apply the 7 tips and tricks listed above, your front yard is bound to stand out from the bunch.

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Ron Wolf
Ron Wolf
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