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furniture assembly
By CLAIRE SMITH 823 views

7 Great Tips To Assemble Your Furniture

Moving to a new place is not a decision that is made overnight. It sounds exciting to go and start a new life, but before you go down that path, various challenges may come your way. You have to hire removalists, check if your property is thoroughly clean while leaving, install the utilities at your new place, etc. The first step is to hire removalists. What is your plan for that? Do you also believe that just searching for removalists will solve everything for you? Well, it is the first step to solving your moving chaos. You have to choose the right movers to help you handle everything. Choose a company that has adequate experience, training, and expertise.

You may be able to handle the rest of the moving process, but moving the furniture should be left to the experts only. As you do not have the expertise and moving the furniture is complex, it is wise to let the experts handle it. Even after you have moved into your new house, assembling the furniture is another arduous task to handle. Some removalists take on the responsibility of handling your goods after the move. But still, if you are tight on the moving budget and want to conduct it yourself, here is a furniture assembly guide for you:

Let’s dive in:

Make a Plan

Nothing is more important than this step. It takes a lot of time to properly assemble a piece of furniture. If you have a rough idea that it will take two hours, then plan at least four hours. It may seem that the margin is a lot, but it is a complex process, and it is not easy to sort out the process. There is no harm in wrapping up the work beforehand rather than leaving things unsettled and panicking at the last moment.

The initial step is to make enough space to gather all your furniture. Then follow the instructions. Observe the diagrams and see if all the parts are there or not. If you check it beforehand, you will be on the safe side.

Finding the Appropriate Tools

At the very least, you should have one power tool that is fully charged to assist you in assembling the furniture. A nice screwdriver is a must. It comes in different sizes; choose the one that suits your requirements. Also, get a hammer for nails and pins, an Allen wrench set, and an adjustable spanner. You may also get flat-pack kits easily, but they have mini tools that make the entire process slow. Arrange for the tools well in advance so that you can figure out how to use them. You may think that your basic kitchen tools may solve the purpose for you, but using that knife instead of a hand-held screwdriver can lead to blunders.

Don’t Lose Parts

While assembling the furniture, you must make sure that you do not lose any parts. There should be enough of each part; if you lose any of the parts, the entire furniture piece will not be assembled properly. It is usually overlooked, as keeping track of so many hinges, screws, and bolts is not easy. But what if you have almost figured it out and assembled the furniture, and you discover that the board is missing or there are not enough screws? You definitely cannot leave the process in the middle and arrange the rest of the parts. Thus, it is important that you closely examine and gather all the parts before you start assembling them.

Though you can easily get all the tools you need, like screws, nails, bolts, and nuts, the next task is to sort things out. You will have to decode which screw will fit where. If you use a 5/8″ screw in place of a 1/2″ screw, it may poke out from the other end of the furniture. This is why people prefer hiring professionals, as they know which part fits well and where and how it all can be sorted.

But since you are doing it yourself, start by identifying the parts, and after you understand them, get them together.

Read The Instructions

Read the instructions minutely, and you will have a clear idea about organizing the parts. Follow the instructions step-by-step. If, while following the steps, you find it difficult to comprehend a certain step, then read ahead and you will be able to figure it out. Carefully read the instructions twice and again while you are in action to avoid redoing the tasks later.

YouTube It

Sometimes just reading the process does not sort things out. You may not get a clear picture of how to use the tools that are mentioned in the instructions. For this matter, taking help from a YouTube video can be a great help. When you see things practically, you will be able to figure them out easily. Look for furniture assembly tutorial videos.

Hire Furniture Assembly Services

There is no second opinion about the fact that furniture assembly is a complex process. Right from the stage of assembling the tools to figuring out how to assemble the furniture, all of it is a task. You have to learn to use the tools and then get into the action. To save on the budget and escape from all the mental and physical labor, you can hire furniture removalists. Take their help for the assembling part, and you will be able to save yourself from the chaos. Be it an easy-to-gather aesthetic dressing table or a complex pool table, they can handle it all.

Safety Precautions

 Since you do not conduct business daily, there are various things that you need to take care of. These are some of the precautions that you must take:

Smashing your thumb

While using a hammer, you need to be super cautious about your thumb getting injured. Use a thumb saver while you hold the screws, nails, and staples to save your thumb.

Preventing the wood from splitting while you drive in the nail

To prevent the wood from falling apart, use masking tape to keep it together. After you have driven in the nails or screws, you can scrape off the tape.

Damaging the existing holes

If your furniture already has holes, do not use a hammer; instead, use a rubber mallet to prevent damage.

So, this was a step-by-step guide to help you assemble your furniture. I hope you are all sorted out about how and where to start the process. Best wishes!

Claire Smith

I am a professional blogger. I have been blogging for over 15 years and have vast experience in the areas of moving tips and travel tips. Currently, I'm working with CBD Movers Adelaide, the best removalists.