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By KENNY WILLIAM 223 views

Gamification in UI Design – A Power Boost for Business

Be it Duolingo, Nike+Fuel, Starbucks, or luxury fashion brands the bubbling burst of user engagement of these giants is rooted in gamification in UI design. It is an indisputable fact that applications and digital interfaces are a star in its discipline. And, no matter what the app trends dip into, aspects like UI design reign supreme. User experience is the cement that affixes the users to the application with the most desirable persuasion. Factors like gamification design act as an attractor for the users and ultimately a winning move for the businesses. Where apps and digital platforms are the primary link between businesses and users, anything that accentuates and adds up to the user preferences is a boon. A UI design that is engaging, inviting, and interactive goes far beyond the bar of prime functionality and is an indispensable cornerstone. 

Without beating around the bush let us get you in on a secret weapon. Gamification in UX Design turns out to be the best user retention fix of the times. Not just that, businesses across genres and the globe have no choice but to grab onto this hot trend. So, if you are trying to swap from merely functional to highly intuitive and stoic to eclectic and aesthetically appealing interface.  This blog is for you!

What is Gamification?

It is basic human psychology where the feeling of winning accelerates the zeal and will of the person to engage more deeply. And, gamification design is nothing else but something that acts as an extra layer of frosting to the cake. Because users always welcome anything that makes an act, course of navigation, and time spent on a particular interface more fun.

What do we mean by this?

Imagine you have a 30-second wait time on your application before the result is pushed up on the screen for your user. Now what are the odds of your users waiting for those seconds without not jumping elsewhere? Way too less than you think there is! Because 30 seconds would seem like time spent to blink an eye. It will seem like an eternity to the user. 

Avoid that & Hop onto the Gamification in UI Design:

Take this as a winning secret. Take this as a winning secret. Swap those mundane app interfaces built up with an intuitive, resonating, and interactive one. Add some seasonings. Overpace your users with some badges, wins, and leaderboards that have their names on them. Because hello, all you need to have your business up and winning is to get your users hooked on the app initially. Then the rest will flow in naturally. 

Modern-day user base is overwhelmed with options. So, if you have an application for let’s say retail offerings there would be 200 more and even advanced. With 199 more such applications waiting for your user to ditch your app and hop onto theirs. A simple yet winning move like gamification in UX/UI will have you rolling wins. 

Well, having said that it is no longer JUST about grabbing the thickest user base or having the highest record-breaking conversion rates. There is more to bag in and for that, you need to scratch off the surface in the next section. 

Significance of UI Design in Gamification

To understand the significance of gamification in UI/UX for businesses. You need to understand how gamification at the cognitive level changes the trajectory of how users respond. See businesses revolve around their target audience i.e. users. Now, users have a diverse pool of preferences, opinions, and choices. So, to drive the diverse preferences businesses go that extra mile to attract, engage, and pull in the users. Because high conversion rates and lower bounce rates are the math here. 

This is where UI design in gamification comes into play. See you could have the best-designed application. Seemingly one that has less white space, attractive colors, and modern designs that visually attract and mesmerize the users. However, this will not cut much when it comes to the actual wait time or navigation process that users jump on. You will need something that will add up their navigation journey. 

Have you ever wondered: Why the dark mode, voice user interface, and even the minimalistic aesthetic design aren’t helping you hit the conversion rate records? Or has the bounce rate been adamant on your application even when you just redesigned your application? Then in this case you need to put your chips on gamification in UI/UX. To unravel how important it is skim through;

There is a loop here :

  • Gamification will help you fetch the users by being a prime attractor.
  • The attracted users plotted on the application will then be actively engaged on the application via fun gaming elements. 
  • These will in turn help you drive the user behavior by motivating them to undertake some actions and accomplish more wins, and badges. Remember the winning psychology that we mentioned above?
  • The wins accumulated here on your app will boost dopamine amongst your target audiences. This means the intuitive and rewarding experience will accelerate retention rates.
  • Lastly, the saga of aesthetically appealing designs, and gamification elements will result in higher user engagement. 

Voila, you are now left with a competitive edge. But, incorporating these Swiss knives into your business needs some technical expertise. What a bummer would one be if they wave off the expertise of a UI/UX designer company? Like you can have the best gamification strategy in place but the application ruins it all. Just because you did not bring in the best tech experts to put their expertise to show. And, we bet you wouldn’t want to sign for a fiasco right? In that case, quickly understand how to incorporate gamification into your UI design.

How to Incorporate Gamification in UI Design?

It does not matter if you are into fashion, food and beverage, service, or ed-tech industry. There are certain facelifts that you need to incorporate into your business application or digital front. More so it becomes an undeniable aspect at times. Integrating gamification in UX/UI design is one at the moment. 

We understand that business owners, investors, or founders like you are stretched thin in having a winning business strategy. Specifically nowadays when users are spoiled with options and businesses have a new competitor every other day. Besides that, having an upscaling engagement rate and driving both customer loyalty and sales is a juggle. But, it is not some rocket science or a problem unsolved. Why we say this because some mega industry giants like Starbucks, Louis Vuitton, and even McDonald’s leverage to their best potential.

Now the question here is when the industry big shots are putting their chips on this stellar gamification design and winning big. What’s stopping you?

Don’t you want;

  • Enhanced customer engagement.
  • Higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.
  • Modern user engagement strategies.
  • Accelerated User-winning aspects.
  • Extended competitive upper hand.
  • Looping in the users with gamified elements
  • Wins, Badges, and Leaderboards to save.

We’re sure you would want this and more. So, for that you need to run through the incorporation stage mentioned hereunder 

Understand your business model

Tailoring the gamification elements on your app will require you to get into the nitty gritty of your core business offerings. Take into consideration the vision, mission, and goal of your business. This will help you bring up and integrate gamification in UI/UX that rightly addresses and converts your target audience.

Decode your Target Audience

You need to have a clear bifurcation as to who your target audience is and what your fraternity of users looks like. Ultimately, this will help you to skim through their preferences, choices, and related aspects.

Choosing the gamification elements gets easier and on point:  When you know what seems to accurately motivate your users and influence their behavior. 

Define your business goals

To drive decisions in the course to elevate your brand presence, accelerate engagement, and increase the conversion rate. One needs to have a precise picture as to what are their business goals and how one plans to achieve them. 

Assess what gamification elements are needed

It’s not get all to win all situation. Remember less is more. You need to strike a balance here. Pick gamification elements that rightly resonate with your business goals and adhere to your user’s preferences. The thing is you cannot have open ends or loose ends here. Be selective of the gamification elements you incorporate in your UI design. Now this could be any form of points, leader boards, progress bars, badges or rewards. 

Get the best UI/UX Designers

Having a team of experts in this field that is a UI UX designers company is a must. More like a step you cannot miss. We believe in the fact ‘Leave the art to the artists’. It is the tech team’s forte specifically the UI UX designers to roll out the best user experience. Don’t forget there is finesse in integrating gamification elements into the UX without burdening the interface with added load. 

Voila roll that out

It’s now time to bid adieu to the shrinking conversion rates and accelerated bounce rates. Because now is the time to get your users glued to your application. Gamification design is the secret sauce and one of the moves that brings up the businesses. 

That’s how it has been and is redefining the trajectory of winning customers for the business small and big. But, considering its application and power in the future is a must. Which is why we have a section shedding light on it hereunder for you. 

What does the Future of Gamification in UI Design look like?

Taking into account the course that businesses are catapulted on signals a robust application of gamification in UI design. Because there are a plethora of drivers that chart the course in this direction with an even bigger and better force. 

The future calls for advanced personalization, and integration of futuristic techs like AR, VR, AI, and IoT. With that users are running towards immersive narratives and intuitive interfaces. Now this means the stoic designs no matter how visually appealing it may be it is gone for the good. And, this further makes space for gamification in UX design.

Apart from that, businesses moving ahead will rely the most on building emotional connections, bonds, and rapport with users. Though even now the art of storytelling is turning the tables for businesses of all sizes. Thus it paints a beautiful picture where gamification in UI design is dynamically rolling out exceptional experiences and accelerating monetary perks. The future seems bright on both ends of the spectrum. 

Concluding Thoughts!

Keeping things fresh, regenerative, and tailored down to the best of the user’s preferences is the key. More often than not businesses run thin decoding how to convince and win over the modern users. Or they fret over the bounce rates that keep on hitting highs. But, if there has to be one solution to all these problems. It is Gamification in UI design. And, be it for your current hassles or future speculations. This is all you need to capitalize on. But, but, but don’t take charge by doing it all by yourself. There are seasoned UI UX design companies and it is their forte to win over the user base for you. Yes, it’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to relying on the expertise of the developers. Let the consumer behavior be driven and motivated to the best of the outcomes.

Kenny William

Kenny William is a content cum digital marketer at Yudiz Solutions Ltd, a leading Game Development Company.