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By AMANDA MILLS 366 views

Five Garage Conversion Ideas

Plenty of people need more space in their homes, which is why conversions are so popular. Of course, the space is already there, but it’s all about how you utilize it that can give you the best outcomes for getting the most out of your home.

The garage can often be one of those places where things go to be forgotten about. A storage room, a time capsule, an old lawnmower graveyard—it can be a ‘catch-all” for the things you still need (and the things you don’t), therefore never living up to its potential as a unique space.

Converting your garage into a more usable space can be a great move if you’re looking for an extra room to play around with, and there are many conversion ideas that can inspire you to take the next step. Check them out here!

A Home Office

If you’re working from home more than you have been in the office and you still haven’t gotten around to finding yourself a permanent space, then now is the time. With spring fast approaching, it’s the best time to start doing renovations, and your garage could be the perfect home office space that can help you separate your work and home life better.

As long as you’re able to get electricity and an internet signal, the world is your oyster when it comes to decorating the space how you like to increase your productivity and make sure that you have your own personal touch to it.

A Multi-Purpose Space

Many garages are multi-purpose spaces but not by design. This suggestion is all about being intentional with your space and setting it up so you’re able to do a bunch of different activities in there, should the need arise. You can still have storage in there, as long as it’s well-organized. You might want a piece of exercise equipment in there too, maybe a table to do your hobbies at, or a nice big recliner chair for when you just need some time to yourself.

The idea of a multi-purpose room is that it’s crafted for you to get the most out of the space and allows you to switch things up when needed. This is an excellent option if you don’t have a burning desire to switch up the space for a specific reason, and you can move things around or emphasize certain elements when you need to.

A Living Room

You don’t often need more than one living room in your home, but if you have a big family or teenagers, sometimes the extra space is very welcome. Living rooms are very versatile, and you can do plenty with them when any circumstances might change. It can be a kid’s playroom, a reading room, a room for teenagers and their friends to hang out in–you name it!

The only thing about converting a garage into a living room is that it might need more of a makeover than other suggestions so that it feels more snug and homely. You’ll probably want to take a look at getting a new floor from Garage Floors Direct, along with getting some insulation installed, windows if that is a preference, and draft proofing the room too.

While this type of renovation can take some time, it will also be worth it when it’s all finished. Not only will you have an extra room in the house to enjoy, but it will also add value to your property.

A Gym

Many people turned some portion of their home into a gym space during the pandemic to keep fit, and for some, it stuck around long after the gyms were back open. Having an exercise space at home will not only save you money on a gym membership in the long run, but also you won’t have to wait your turn for the weights or try to get to the rowing machine before anyone else.

Many people prefer working out in private, and if you have your own personal gym, you can customize your experience to your liking with little compromise!

Consider Making it Double Story

If you’ve got the planning permission and don’t mind putting in some extra work, you can maximize your garage’s potential by putting in a second story which can give you two extra rooms. This can work particularly well if you need an extra bedroom, or you need a place to store what was in your garage originally or vice versa. If you have the space, there are plenty of ideas on how you can manage and enjoy both stories and create something that will be useful in the long run.

Converting your garage will almost always be worth it if you have a decent plan in place to accompany your vision!

Amanda Mills

I’m a Web Designer, Freelance Writer, and Digital Marketer with a study background in Logic, Philosophy, and Journalism. I’ve always had an unwavering passion