Your garage door forms an essential part of your home, both in terms of visual appeal as well as safety. We do not even realize the many times that we use our garage doors, opening and closing them repeatedly.

The constant opening and closing can cause some issues in the parallel, and before we know it, the door would be opening on its own.

Have you faced the same situation? Is your door opening on its own? Check across these FOUR reasons, and see if anyone of them is why your door is automatically opening.

The FOUR Reasons Are:

1.    Having the same garage door opener code as your neighbours

While this is a rarity, there is a possibility that you have the same door opener code as your neighbours. Perhaps, your neighbours are opening their door but yours is opening as well simultaneously.

Ask your neighbours to open their garage door in front of you and see if your door responds as well. If it does respond, simply change the code by using the instructions from the manual.

2.    Probable interference of radio signals

Automatic garage door openers work on wireless signals, which tend to face interference from radio signals. These radio signals can come from radio towers, police radios, CB radios and others. You will need help from a technician to fix this issue.

3.    A defective remote control

A defective remote control can send out random signals, causing your garage door to open and close on its own. Check if the batteries are wearing out and replace them, then examine the door.

If the issue does not resolve, buy a new remote. This will not cost you much money and is a quick fix too.

4.    Issues with the board

Exposed wiring in your circuit board is very much prone to damage, causing issues in the overall circuit. You need to see if there are any spaces on the board, which are causing exposure to the wires inside.

Moreover, there could have been a short circuit in the board, causing the opening and closing. You can try to fix this issue by yourself, or call a technician if you are unsure of the task.

Give Your Garage Door the Care it deserves with Our Assistance

Garage doors require the same kind of attention and care as do other parts of your home. A mere issue with your garage door can be a hazard to your safety.

Does your garage door continue to open and close, even after you tried all the listed fixes? If yes, then it is time to get in touch with a professional company that deals in garage doors.

For the residents of the ‘City of Roses’, for a free estimate call A1 Garage door repair in Portland and compare the pricing for your budget without wasting any time. Remember, ignoring your garage door today can lead to safety hazards and costly repairs tomorrow!

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