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Generation theory was described in 1991 by Neil Howe and William Strauss. According to this theory, generations succeed each other every 20–25 years. Recently generation took shape following the Millennials – tsentenialy, they are called – Z generation or Gen Z. Perhaps for the first time in history, children are so different from their parents.

These are people who were born after 1996 or after 2000. The scatter in dates has appeared, because there is still little research. Centennials are still young, but you can’t confuse them with anyone else.

This is the first generation that was born in the era of the Internet and YouTube. They don’t remember what life was like without gadgets and spend more than 8 hours a day with smartphones and tablets. Centennials have every step of the way — applications that they use as naturally as they breathe. Generation Z does not divide the world into digital and real, their life smoothly flows onto the screen and back. They can play at King Billy Casino Live, read an article and all this without missing their YouTube.

Centennials love to communicate on the Web: they prefer social networks in which you can hide. This is not Twitter, but Snapchat, from which messages disappear.

They adore YouTube!

youtube generation

Since early childhood, generation Z has been integrated into the digital environment. Everything physical exists in digital terms – the real and virtual world are inseparable.

Education and development are directly dependent on the Internet – from childhood, they learn the world with the help of Alice and Siri. Instead of a watch and an alarm clock, they have a smartphone, instead of a library – Google, instead of reading – a video on YouTube.

Unlike the millennials that witnessed the Internet revolution, the Z Generation has grown completely in the digital world. To better understand this generation, Defy Media and Adweek found out from 1,500 teenagers between the ages of 13-20 that they think about social platforms, digital videos and the new generation of online celebrities. Below are the main findings of the study.  So, almost all representatives of the generation use YouTube and half of them cannot live without this platform.

Gen Z use youtube

The seven-year-old Ryan, whose channel Ryan ToysReview doubled its revenue from $ 11 million to $ 22 million, became the highest-paid blogger on YouTube.

highest paid blogger

According to WhatStat statistics, now five of the ten most profitable YouTube channels belong to children under 10 years old. At the same time, the number of subscribers does not always play a decisive role in the profit of young bloggers, as advertisers are more and more willing to give preference to those who attract a younger audience to brands.

Children’s channels mainly review toys and cartoons. Parents also upload videos to the channel where the children eat pizza, walk, watch TV. Teenage bloggers engage in video reviews of games, creating comedy sketches and parodies.

According to experts, children’s audiences perceive advertising more easily than adults. On YouTube, children are less likely to rewind commercials and simply watch one video automatically after another. For example, Ryan earned $ 16,000 for a Christmas seven-minute YouTube video through a large number of views.

If these bloggers have now become opinion leaders, then they are likely to remain opinion leaders for their generation in the future. In addition, advertisers can now influence through their young bloggers on their peers, this audience is now shaping their worldview and tastes. Those brands that are now gaining a place in their heads can become leading for them in the future in adulthood.

Z generation is an almost perfect audience. In any new startup or project, you are sure to find them, so lively, active and always with your own opinion.

They will own professions whose names have not yet been invented. They master technology with ease and cannot imagine a world without digital and YouTube.

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