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Get Gorgeous Hair With These Simple Hair Care Tips
By MANISHA GULERIA 1,648 views

Get Gorgeous Hair With These Simple Hair Care Tips

Throughout the history, hair plays the prominent role to enhance the beauty of Men and Women’s. Gorgeous hair provides you confidence and adds personality to your overall appearance. So invest some time for hair care.

To get gorgeous hair follow these simple tips:

Go for healthy diet-

You are what you eat. Thus you have to adopt the healthy lifestyle for healthier, shinier and strong hair. Add Veggie’s, fruits, dairy products and other vitamins, proteins in your diet. Drink a lot of water additionally.

Wash hair twice or thrice a week-

Are you washing hair every day?

If yes, stop doing this right now. Washing hair daily remove natural oil from hair which is compulsory for healthy shiny hair. Wash hair when you find scalp oily and dirty. Keep scalp and hair clean. Try the gap of three days for washing hair. You can shampoo before if the need arises but don’t make a habit of washing hair daily.

Wash hair twice

Important: Don’t apply shampoo more than one time to remove oil and dirt. If you do so you just removing natural oil. Shampoo twice only when you do oil massage before head wash.

Conditioning Must –

Apply conditioner after every hair washes for moisture. Don’t forget this- As you never did with skin. Never apply conditioner on the scalp.

Use normal water for hair wash-

Washing hair with normal water will not drag out natural shine and moisture from hair. Don’t wrap hairs with the towel after wash, it will make hair weak. You can replace towel with the shirt to wrap wet hair.

Do not comb wet hair –

Never comb on wet hair it is the main reason for hair fall. If it is required- Use a wide-tooth comb.

Tip: If hair tangled, use wide- tooth comb and start from tips to root otherwise hair got more tangled if you go from root to tip. Keep brush or comb clean. Comb twice a day for healthy and shiny hair.

Excess heating and styling-

If you heat hair with the blow-dryer to make the style you are simply damaging and making your hair rough. As it is impossible to avoid try to reduce the heat.

Tip: Apply moisture before any type of heating and styling. Additionally, cover hair from direct sunlight.


Oldest method for soft shiny hair is oiling. Massage with a little warm oil once in a week. Wash after one hour or leave it overnight for more conditioning and smooth hair. You can use castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil for massage.


Silk pillowcase-

Use silk pillowcase for shiny healthy hair instead of the cotton pillowcase.

Tip: Make a loose ponytail while you sleep to save hair from tangles.

Regular trimming-

Cutting split ends helps to get rid of hair breakage and retain hair growth. Trim your hair on regular basis to chop split ends for healthy hair that makes your hair dull and thin.

Follow these simple tips for gorgeous hair and keep yourself stress-free and have an adequate amount of sleep. Just love your hair- it’s your hair which changes your overall personality.