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By RAJAY YADAV 2,726 views

Get Inspired By Keeping A Bookshelf In Your Abode

A bookshelf is in demand because people are creating interest in books and indulging in a habit of reading. It is one of the most beneficial conventions that can help you become a better person. Books can be fun, interesting, and knowledgeable. It truly depends on your personality and which type of book you choose. 

During covid times, people got addicted to their gadgets which was not a good sign for their health. So, books became their new roommates which seemed to be a relaxing and intriguing idea. Therefore, try incorporating some new modern bookshelf designs that can make your décor riveting.

Bookshelves can be also described as corner racks for your living room or any other part of the home where it fulfills the purpose of storing books.

Here are some fresh ideas to keep in mind while purchasing a bookshelf for yourself

The idea of keeping your books in one place and you don’t have to throw them is such a relief. You can store as well as make it a style statement. Keep the books in an order of some color theme or by their author’s name. It is an easy way of keeping books organized.

These should be placed at a proper height so that it is easily accessible for someone that wants to grab a book. Therefore, the height should be manageable. Also, select a size that can be more balanced. You can keep books as well as add décor pieces to it. This will make it more unique and enhance the look of the room. 

Living room

Placing them in a living room is a fresh idea to embrace the place. Whosoever comes can also grab a book from your exclusive collection and make their time memorable. It tells a lot about your taste and inclination towards different kinds of books. 

As it is a living room, you can decorate it with some vases, green succulents, frames, or glass pieces. It will just make the space extraordinary. You can place it beside a TV unit or in the corner of the living room. It makes good utilization of the space and adds glamour to the corner.

Keep it simple by placing it on the wall. Don’t add extra pieces for the same wall as it gives a clumsy or cluttered feeling. Keep the space open for the books to be stacked. Keep some extra space for the new books that you keep on purchasing. There should be a proper place for a TV unit and the shelves. 

Also, your bookshelves should be contrasting or blended with the other furniture or décor of the room. They should complement each other without looking odd out. You can also add wallpaper or paint the backdrop of the bookshelf which will make it more appealing.

Study room

It is another part of the home that holds equivalent importance. After covid, working from home has become a new culture and thus this part of the home should also be managed properly. You can add a decent bookshelf having glass covers or open to accommodate many books. 

You can also display your trophies and other achievements to inspire and encourage yourself. It is always a must-watch for people and words of appreciation are always welcome. You can place the bookshelf on the empty wall that looks dull and give a comfortable look to it. 


You are an avid reader and if you enjoy reading at night then a bookshelf near your bed is inevitable. Place a bookshelf beside your bedside table to keep your books handy and easily accessible. This will give an edgy look to your room and make it charming. To give it a library look, you can give it a layout that will be another dimension of the room.

You will also have to take into account the lighting. Like if you read at night then to avoid disturbance for others from lighting, keep a separate lamp for yourself to provide you ample light. Also, add a seating chair that is comfortable to give it a contemporary library style. This will also add a style statement to your room. 


You can keep a bookshelf in the kitchen too for storing your recipe books and keep them handy in front of you. It is also the best way to showcase your recipe books and also add décor elements. 

The kitchen is the place where ladies spend their maximum time making something or the other. And sometimes she feels like following her mother’s recipe, so the best place to keep it is a bookshelf. 

You can also add colorful mugs, jars, and shiny boxes to make it unique and add charm to the kitchen. Everyone that comes to the house will notice the difference in adding a bookshelf to the kitchen. It makes a dull kitchen very stylish. 

Rajay Yadav

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