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Check PNR status by Mobilee Phone
By ROHIT THAKUR 2,660 views

How to get Real-time PNR status on Mobile Phone

The PNR is a special 10 digit number displayed on your train ticket on the upper left-hand side. The number is important in all your future correspondence and enquiries with the Indian railways.

What does it include?

The PNR number includes the seat information such as the waitlist information where it applies, CNF, RAC, and the number of coach and seat. PNR status provides the booking status, fare, journey time, class of travel, boarding time, the name of the train, and chart status.

Understand the terms:

CNF stands for confirmed booking. This happens when you get the seat and berth that you requested for when booking. The information reflects on your ticket.

Sometimes you have to wait for a while longer before your ticket is confirmed. This is common during peak festivals when many people are travelling. A waiting list means that the berth and seat that you requested for have not been confirmed with your name. If you have a WL status, you cannot board the train since there is no available space for you on the train at the time of booking. For you to board the train, the people ahead of you in the waiting list must either cancel or get a confirmation on their booking.

RAC (reserve against cancellation) is better than a WL since you can board a train with such a notice. However, you must be able to share a berth with another passenger. If for some reason the original ticket holder for the berth cancels the berth, you get the berth.

Mobile capabilities for checking PNR status:

It is important to know the check PNR status for better planning. There are various ways which you can check your PNR status using your mobile phone anytime. The status of your ticket reveals whether it is in the WL, confirmed or RAC status. Knowing the status of your ticket gives you peace of mind. If you need to make additional reservations during the travel time, the status guides you.

The first method, Google has a straightforward way to the check PNR status. Send your PNR number to 9773300000. The cost for the service is reasonable compared to what other mobile PNR status checking services cost. Travelers with a discounted railway plan pay less since they incur normal SMS rates for every PNR check.

Secondly, you can use the toll-free number. Send a message to 139. The format of the message includes the word PNR and the 10 digit number. If your 10 digit number is 1234567890, then you send PNR1234567890 to 139. As soon as the railway team receives your request, they send the PNR status right away. They use the same number to send the feedback to you. You must be able to pay the charges for the service. The cost of the service depends on the company providing it.

If you do not want to use the SMS PNR check method, you can use your phone to check the ticket status online. There are a number of IRCTC official partner’s apps and sites like Trainman where you can check the status. You need to enter your PNR number on the allotted position then click submit to get real-time status of your ticket. Since there are no charges involved apart from the internet cost, this is the most affordable and most convenient method to check the status of your ticket.

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