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Bed Bugs
By AVA SMITH 409 views

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Homes?

Dealing with pest infestation is one of the most challenging and stressful tasks. One of the most common insects found in a home are bed bugs. These are the most irritating micropredators that feed on blood, leaving you irritated and uncomfortable due to their itchy bites.

Though bed bugs don’t transmit diseases, they reproduce, grow rapidly, and cause various health hazards, such as skin rashes and infections, sleeping disorders, etc as they attack usually at night.

According to some microbiologists, a female bed bug can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime. The worst part is that banishing these tiny insects is quite tough for homeowners on the Sunshine Coast. It may require proper products and techniques to help maintain a clean and shiny home after the removal of these unwanted guests.

So, here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you get rid of bed bugs in your home like a pro. However, if the issue is serious, hiring professionals for thorough pest control is good.

Let’s Get Started!

Check all The Infested Areas

Have you recently witnessed reddish-brown, small bugs in your home? If yes, then your home is infected with bed bugs. Finding them as early as possible before they reproduce and spread all around your abode is important.

Remember that beg bugs often reside in tiny spots and cracks. So, thoroughly inspect:

  • Baseboards
  • Mattress, bed sheets, and near tags of box spring
  • Bed frame cracks
  • Between cushions of your couch
  • Joints of your wooden furniture
  • Under loose wallpaper
  • Recliners and armchairs
  • Cervices and cracks in walls, window sills, and floors
  • Backpacks and luggage
  • Pet bedding

Tip: They are ¼-inch long and reddish. Do not overlook the tiny pale yellow eggs on these surfaces.

Prepare the Infested Spots in Your Hom

Once you find blood-sucking insects, you must prepare the area for effective and safe removal.

Make sure you remove all items from the infested spots so that you can treat them without any distractions. Remove bed linens, curtains, clothing, and other items and seal them in plastic bags. This will prevent the spread of pests in your home on the Sunshine Coast.

Wash all your bedding and other infested belongings in hot water. Ensure you set the highest temperature in a washer and dryer to kill bugs. For items that can’t be was

hed, place them in the dryer for half an hour.

Clean and Treat the Area

Dusting and vacuuming is one of the important things to adopt in cleaning during seasonal changes. This can prevent the infestation of bed bugs and other pests. However, if you have encountered them in your home, clean and treat the affected areas using the following methods:

  • Vacuum Clean Spots: Vacuum your mattress, furniture, bed frames, carpets and the entire room. Do not leave the nooks and crannies. After that, empty and dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Steam Clean Delicate Surfaces: You can use a good quality steam cleaner to clean mattresses, couches, and furniture. It is one of the effective ways to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

Kill Bed Bugs Using Non-Toxic Products

As mentioned above, boiling water is one of the best ways to kill bed bugs without chemicals. You need hot water at 115 °F to kill bed bugs. Many cleaning experts also recommend using intense cold water at 32 °F for the same task. So, you can choose the most suitable option as per your preference.

You can also use 70 % rubbing alcohol to kill these nasty bugs on different surfaces. Mix the solution with water in a spray bottle and apply it to the affected areas. For better results, pre-treat the infested spots with borax and baking soda. Leave it for a few minutes or until you treat it with rubbing alcohol.

Another non-chemical bed bug removal treatment is tea tree essential oil. It has repellent properties and can kill bed bugs and their eggs. You can mix it with water and spray it on the contaminated areas.

Apply Store-Bought Insecticides If Required

To kill bed bugs, you can use EPA-approved insecticides from the local market. Follow the instructions carefully and apply the product to cracks, crannies, and other hidden areas.

Tip: Do not apply it on bed linens and clothing directly.

Bed Bugs Prevention Hacks

Believe it or not! Bedbugs can take some time to vanish away from your home. So, it is good to keep a regular check on the infested spots and apply rubbing alcohol on a frequent basis to prevent re-infestation. Also, seal up the following areas:

  • Fill the cracks on your walls and floors
  • Fix loose wallpaper
  • Tape up open electrical outlets

Wrapping up

Follow this guide and get rid of bed bugs from your home without any failure. Ensure you inspect all the possible areas and hidden spots, pre-treat and clean using natural products and kill bed bugs using tried-and-tested methods to achieve a clean, healthy and hygienic indoor environment.

Ava Smith

Hi, I’m Ava Smith, I love sharing my best cleaning tips and hacks to help make your home sparkle. On my blog, I write about easy and effective cleaning routines, natural cleaning solutions to inspires other.

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