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right hats for you
By GRACIE HART 1,258 views

How to Get the Right Hat for your Face Shape and Body Type

The majority of people struggle to find a hat. The hat on the mannequin looks terrific and incredibly stylish. Still, you painfully realize that your hat could be more attractive. Then you are caught in a vicious circle where you look ridiculous or strange in every hat. You’ve developed that paranoia. It’s time to start fresh and continue the journey.

You can give your appearance flair and sharpness by selecting a suitable hat based on the shape of your face and body type. This article will guide you as you shop for hats that add style to your outfit needs and make you super attractive.

Knowing your face shape is one crucial step you can’t afford to skip when choosing the ideal big hat for you. Determine your face shape by taking a selfie or looking in the mirror and comparing your facial features to the examples of different face shapes below.

All About Face Shape

Choose the shape you prefer if your face falls between two shapes: it will work. Concentrate on your jaw because it affects the shape more than anything else. Once you’ve put it in writing, you’re prepared to proceed.

Oval Face

A face with an oval shape will have a circumference of around 1.5 times your face’s width. The angle of the jaw is slightly more rounded, and the forehead is somewhat more prominent than the jawline. An oval face will resemble an egg.

Round Face

The length and width of a round face will be equal. A round face has prominent cheeks, a rounded chin, and an area surrounding the hairline. Compared to other shapes, it makes you appear younger.

Oblong Face

The person with an oblong face will be more length than width. A face with an oblong shape will have a comparable-sized forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. High foreheads may be present in oblong faces.

Heart-Shaped Face

This facial type is quite prevalent. The minor feature of a face with a heart shape is the chin. A heart-shaped face has wide cheekbones, a pointed chin, and a large forehead.

Square Face

The length of a square-shaped face is about equal to its width. The distance from one side cheek to the other and from the hairline to the chin are almost identical.

Triangular Face

A triangular face will have the smallest forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a large jawline. Any length can serve as a triangular face, and pear-shaped faces are another name for triangle faces.

Determine your Face Size

Knowing your face dimensions is essential to determine your ideal hat size and your type of face shape. Follow the steps below to measure your face correctly.

  • Take a tape measure and measure the width of your forehead. Measure the distance between the arch-peak of one eyebrow and that of the other. Note that the number is down.
  • You should measure the space between your upper cheeks. Begin and stop at the ridge below each eye’s outer corner. Note that the number is down.
  • Take a measurement from your chin’s lowest tip to the base of your ears. Stop when your jaw begins to jut upward. Divide the sum by two. Note that the number is down. It’s called your jawline.
  • Measure your facial length from the top of your chin to the center of your forehead, at the hairline.

get right hats for you

Asking yourself the following questions will help you establish your face shape using these measurements as a guide:

  • What area of my face is the widest?
  • What form is my jaw?
  • Is my face long? If so, how much longer is it than it is wide?

Choosing Hats for your Face Shape 


You may wear any hat you want because most look great on your face. The options are endless for both men and women, so listen to your gut and pick the hat that makes you the happiest.


Prominent, angular facial features, a virtue of a square face, can be overemphasized by hats with equal angles. Soften them slightly with floppy or wide brims to avoid going overboard. Hats with broad brims, sun, and cowboy hats will make you seem your best.


It would be best to balance your characteristics because of your long face. You can wear many hats since you have a fabulous, muscular jaw. Consider wearing a sunhat, cloche, or fedora with a wide brim if you want a hat with a fanned brim and low crown.


You should choose a wider hat if your face is wider. Avoid more pointed hat forms like the center dent since the top needs to be harmonized with your jaw. The diamond crowns will be attractive and offer sharp angles to contrast with the roundness. A beanie worn low over your face can lengthen it, while a retro-style hat like a cloche and a fedora will look good.


It would help if you had a softer crown to balance your face because you have a more pointed jaw and a broader forehead. Choose a hat with a moderate brim, such as a fedora, a beanie, a boater, a homburg, a cloche, or a beret.


Regarding hats, a triangular face is similar to an oval face in that countless alternatives exist. Ensure your hat adds accent to your outfit and harmony to your shoulder line.

Choosing Hats for Body Type

There is a lot of conflicting advice when it comes to body shape. The most crucial factor is still finding a hat that complements your face. Here are some fundamental guidelines for avoiding errors.



You can wear a large hat if you are tall. A short brim will make you appear out of proportion and ridiculous. Wear a hat with a smaller crown to avoid drawing attention to your height.


An extremely wide brim will cast you in shadows and make you appear smaller, so avoid wearing one. Using taller hats, you can experiment and add more height. Be careful not to overdo it if you are tiny.


A broader hat is preferable if you have additional width to balance things. You’ll look silly if your hat is too short. The most flattering brim will be between mid and broad.


You will appear better if you wear a hat that isn’t excessively wide. Avoid wearing big, bulky hats; they will be too large for your frame.

Choosing the Right Hats 

No matter what you hear, you have the last say. Your confidence level and how much you like your look when wearing the hat will determine how to choose it. Your quantitative hat measurements and your facial shape are two additional considerations.

When selecting the best hat for your face shape, convenience and confidence are crucial factors. Ultimately, the hat or cap you should buy must make you feel good about wearing it.

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer

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