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Wikipedia is an internet-based encyclopedia that has been delivering reliable and authentic information to people all around the world without any charges for around two decades now. It is, by all means, the biggest online collection of information that has been composed over the course of history. Roughly over twenty thousand pages are made a part of the wiki collection every day and no stones have been left unturned as far as knowledge from every field of study is concerned. Wikipedia is a platform that has information relating to all the known fields of study to mankind and even more.

From information relating to your favorite rock star to the first person winning the noble prize you will find everything on this platform. Wikipedia literally covers it all. One of the most significant reasons why Wikipedia has turned into such a massive collection of information is the fact that everyone in the world has the liberty to create and edit pages on this platform.

Recently, if you observe the demand for wiki pages have skyrocketed and every business organization is now seen to be trying out different ways to leave their mark on this amazing platform. While many business organizations use their own expertise to create and edit wiki pages, there are still plenty of business organizations who prefer hiring and taking help from professional Wikipedia editors services or wiki page management agencies. In either of these cases, there are 5 crucial points that every wiki writer and editor must know before they create a page for this platform.

1) Notability:

Most wiki pages are rejected because they fail to choose a topic or a title of a page that meets the notability criteria of the platform. Wikipedia does not accept any pages or content on things that are not notable. If you believe that you can make a wiki page about yourself and get yourself noticed through Wikipedia alone than unfortunately this is not possible. You first need to meet the notability standards of the platform and a considerable amount of content about you must already be present on the cyberspace only then Wikipedia might consider you to be notable enough. This is precisely why not everyone can be available on Wikipedia.

2) Familiar with the policies & guidelines:

When a wiki writer creates content for a Wikipedia page they ensure that they are creating the content as per the writing guidelines and policies of the platform. Without being familiar with the platform’s writing guidelines it is impossible to get your content or wiki page approved. It is one of the most significant essentials required for the approval of a wiki page. Failing to follow these guidelines will surely get your wiki page rejected. Wikipedia provides a proper list and a detailed description of its writing policies and guidelines which you can find easily on the platform.

3) No promotions & advertising:

It has been observed that businesses have been using Wikipedia as a tool for indirect marketing for themselves and their products. Many businesses use this platform to create awareness about themselves among their customers or target audiences. Many businesses even use this platform to reach a larger number of people and increase their target audience but if any wiki content or wiki page that even has as much as a hint of promotional content or advertising of any sort, the page gets rejected.

4) References and citations:

Wikipedia is a platform that has made itself known in the world as one of the most reliable and authentic sources of information. This has only happened because all the information present on Wikipedia is backed by authentic references and citations are provided too. Failing to provide the sources of your knowledge on a wiki page might lead to the rejection of your page.

5) No biasness:

Facts are always free from any opinions out there. If there is an opinion mixed with a fact that distorts the fact and a fact loses its credibility. This is the reason why Wikipedia rejects pages that have any biased information present on them. If a wiki writer fails to stay neutral than it is very likely that the wiki page will not get through.

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