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Kids eye test
By KIMMIE WATSON 2,099 views

When is the Right time to get your Child’s Eyes Tested?

If you think there is a certain age to get eyes tested then you are certainly wrong. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to eye testing. Since the world is now digitally-driven and the eyes are more active and stressed than ever, it is important even for kids to get their eyes tested.

It is not quite easy to get an idea about poor eyesight among children as they are not too vocal and most of the time they cannot express or understand what exactly they are going through. Possibly they might be experiencing blurred vision, squint their eyes, or witness watery or dry eyes. All these symptoms are signs of poor vision which is often ignored and if left untreated can lead to serious vision problems. This could potentially affect the child’s safety and education development.

Hence, it is always wise to get your child’s eyes tested. The first eye exam could be done as early as 6 months of age. Later it can be examined at the age of 3. It is not necessary that only if you notice the problem, you should have your kid’s eyes tested. Choose a time and get it done even when their vision seems alert.

When to schedule eye tests for your kid?

Usually, the health and vision specialist ask the following questions before conducting the examination:

  • Any family history
  • Any complication during pregnancy or childbirth
  • Any current medication is taken (name and reason)
  • Late motor development
  • Frequent blinking of eyes
  • Often squinting
  • Unable to maintain eye contact
  • Lack of eye tracking skills
  • Rubbing of eyes
  • Misalignment of eyes

Important reasons to get your kid’s eyes tested:

When you notice turned eyes

Eyes need to be aligned appropriately only then it could work together correctly. Both lenses working together properly is called binocular vision. Poor binocular vision can lead to a lack of concentration while studying or playing sports. They will find it difficult to focus on.

When you notice your child’s eyes have either turned inward or outward then the best thing to do is get eyes tested as soon as possible. Turned eyes can be managed with eye exercises or even kids’ glasses with required lenses. Surgery will not be required if the problem gets detected early.

Coordination problem between hands and eyes

Sometimes the child might be looking at something and aim for something else. For example, missing the ball while playing tennis or just bumping into things. No, this is not a sign of clumsiness, this can be a sign of poor vision. Get the eyes tested. This focusing problem can be resolved by prescription glasses.

Too much screen time

Children are now embracing the whole new digital learning. Earlier it was just playing games but now even education has transformed into digital. Online classes, e-learning, binge-watching cartoons, video games all these activities contribute to extended screen time which can cause digital eye strain.

If your child constantly stares at digital devices like computer screens, laptops, smartphones, tablets, spend more than 6 hours of screen viewing, complaints about a headache or blurred vision, then get their eyes tested immediately. Kids’ blue light glasses can reduce eye strain caused due to digital devices and block the harmful blue light from entering their eyes.

Glasses are no more boring like before. Many super attractive and comfortable, kids glasses frames are now easily available online. Buy glasses that look and fit your kid the best.

Kimmie Watson