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Larby Amirouche on Getting Traffic to your site with Reddit

Ordinary users of social media might think that these channels are just Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram. Moreover, these people think that activities in these channels are just limited to adding new friends, viewing their social media activities, following famous people, and just sharing their day to day lives.

However, for a tech-savvy and digital marketing trendsetter like Larby Amirouche, social media sites are also a great source of information and a channel to promote any kind of business.

One of the most underestimated social sites for traffic and marketing is Reddit. 

What is Reddit? 

Reddit is another Q & A website similar to Quora. Reddit allows its registered users to submit their content like text posts, links, images, and videos.

Similar to Quora, you can generate tons of traffic to your website and give your brand massive exposure and followers if you present on Reddit.

If you are not used to it Reddit can look like a disorganized and messy space with tons of text, links, folders. However, for a marketer like Larby Amirouche, it is a place where you can generate traffic that can lead to conversion rates. 

Terms You Will Encounter on Reddit

Subreddits and Reddiquette

Subreddits are subtopics or a more specific discussion on a certain topic. Reddit houses a wide variety of topics so subreddits keep things more organized.

There are subreddits on news, science, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, food, image-sharing, and much more. 

On the other hand, reddiquette is the etiquette you need to follow when you are on this platform. Just like any other social media site, Reddit has its own culture and tradition that it follows.

Redditors (the community on Reddit) can be a tricky crowd, so learning the “reddiquette” and following its specific rules is in your best interest.


Karma shows your activity and profile status. These are points you collected by engaging, sharing valuable comments. On the other hand, actions like spamming Reddit with low quality content will downgrade your profile karma, because other Redditors will downvote it.

Larby Amirouche On Getting Traffic To Your Site With Reddit


Here are just a few reminders and tips from Larby Amirouche once you join the Reddit community. 

Keep Your Reddit Profile Alive

You can promote and generate traffic to your site if you are active on subreddits that you create and you provide authentic comments and posts. 

You need to post content that raises important questions and you need to reply comprehensively to user comments.

Upvoting is also a sign of being active and this is important. Upvote all relevant conversations that you participate in and comments you agree with or just those that entertain you.

Create a subreddit/s related to your business and make them engaging. Here you can let the Redditors know what is your niche. 

By posting relevant comments on your subreddit you also establish authority within your niche. 

Moreover, creating a subreddit will start the sense of community among the followers and help turn fans into real brand advocates.

Keep Redditors Happy

All successful brands on Reddit provide customer service; so don’t hesitate to follow in their footsteps.

Discuss with Redditors good and bad experiences with your brand. 

You should be able to answer when they raise complaints and let them know that you appreciate them when they praise you.

As a form of response to complaints, you can provide helpful resources and comments that can also be a source of karma and upvotes. 

More importantly, you need to remember that it’s much easier to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one. So if you put in the effort and show that you care about your customers, a satisfied and loyal following will ensue.

Post about News and Updates

Also make the Redditors valued by keeping them updated on any changes within your niche or your brand. 

You can give them updates on new products, improvements of existing products, rebrandings, discounts and anything that can potentially capture their interest. Relying on your subreddit for news will make Redditors follow it more closely.

Moreover, you can build a great relationship with your followers if you do this. They will know that they can rely on you. From there, they will be interested in visiting your site. 

Note What The Audience Is Already Discussing

By taking note of what’s the current trend within your subreddit, you can share relevant content that can draw the Redditors’ attention. 

Scroll different subreddits and note conversations by category. This will help you find patterns of quality content to discuss.

From there, you can create relevant topics on your site or blog that can answer the queries you saw or relate to the discussion you read. This will attract your followers and visit your site.

It’s vital to write content that people on Reddit will find valuable. Connect that content to your brand, but don’t do too much.

It’s okay to link to a page on your website in a Reddit post, but don’t write an entire post about why your product is amazing.

Have a Community Manager

If you want to take advantage of Reddit and Quora in driving traffic to your site, you should do it properly, thus, you need a community manager. 

Community building is an important part of your online presence and it should be grounded in active, human interaction.

You should hire a specialist who already has experience in these marketing efforts. Find someone who can boost loyalty and trust with your followers on different platforms. 

Moreover, every social platform is driven by its own rules so you need someone who can adapt to these changes. 

Lastly, this will allow you to have more time to focus on your other marketing efforts and not be occupied by engaging with these people online 24/7. 

Final Thoughts

Larby Amirouche wants you to remember that Reddit is about the consumer, not the business, therefore, avoid promoting your blogs or your site.

This is another advantage of having a community manager, he can detach himself from marketing and just focus on building good relationships online. 

Lastly, Larby Amirouche thinks that it is important to maximize every social media platform possible to generate leads and traffic. Just know how to do it right. 

Larby Amirouche

Larby Amirouche from Chicago, IL is a pioneer in online marketing and e-commerce, widely admired as a business pioneer and trendsetter.