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Girl's Guide to Car Maintenance
By MARIE NIEVES 1,370 views

Smart Girl’s Guide to Car Maintenance

Being a girl driver isn’t easy – the stereotype of girls being bad drivers still exist in all countries and cultures and you need to try extra hard to break it. While some girls simply don’t care about it and they keep living their lives letting others think that and admitting when they’re unsure about certain car issues, others would rather die than ask for help. In case you belong to the latter, we’re certain you’d like to be a bit more car savvy. One should always try to be as independent as possible, the same goes for drivers. It’s good for both your safety, as well as other people’s, so let’s see what any girl driver should know.

Don’t go cheap on the gas

Regardless of your financials, make sure to pour only the best type of gas. This isn’t one of those things that can ease your monthly budget. As long as you stick with quality gas, you minimize the risk of getting stale or dirty fuel. However, regardless of how hard you try to buy only the best quality, you shouldn’t let your reservoir be less than a quarter full. This will ensure your engine uses only clean fuel as the dirt and sediment can pile up in your tank and your fuel filter can catch it if you let your tank get almost empty. It’s best to always keep it between half-full and full, but you can go as down as a quarter full and you’ll still be fine.

Girl's Guide to Car Maintenance

Protect the car

As soon as you buy the car, new or used, you need to do your best to protect it and keep it in the finest possible shape. This can imply several different things. Apart from the technical fixes it may need if it has been used before, your car will probably also need a paint job, paint protection, new wheels or a number of other things. This is why most Australian girls go to a proper service for car detailing in Sydney so they can get the best assessment of the current situation, advice, as well as the job done in the end. It’s a smart investment as it will ensure that your car stays in the best condition for the longest possible time. 

Park in the shade

If you think that people that go around parking lots looking for a place in the shade are full of it, think again. As irritating it can be, it’s actually very good for your car. Sun rays are quite harmful to your car’s paint, as well as the protection, so parking it in the shade will actually spare your car the torture and extend the freshness of the paint. We know that you’d rather just park the car anywhere nearest upon entering a parking lot, but have this in mind next time you park and try to find a place in the shade. It isn’t a lot of effort, but the benefits are quite large.

Girl's Guide to Car

Fix a chipped windshield

An annoying chip out of the blue can really ruin a driver’s day. However, we try to ignore them despite our anxiety caused by the mere sight of a windshield chip. The reason is often denial or laziness, but this decision is extremely wrong. If you act instantly, they can be filled quite quickly and it doesn’t even cost much. On the other hand, waiting will just give it a chance to develop into a real crack which will complicate your life quite a lot.

As long as you’re careful and attentive to your car’s needs, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Make sure you get regular checkups and be as rational as possible of a driver. If you do stick to the main rules, you’ll end up happily driving your beautiful car for a long time.

Marie Nieves

Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels, she likes to read poetry and prose and surf the Internet. Home decor images are her second best thing on Pinterest.