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By JOE MAILLET 1,378 views

Fear of failure and How Generosity is a Success Skill

Most of us have experienced the fear of failure to some degree while goal setting for success. Sometimes what we attribute to the Fear of Failure should be properly termed Fear of Success.

goal setting for success

Ask yourself, is there always something that gets in your way?

Do you find it difficult to stay focused?

How confident are you that you can succeed?

If you are nodding assent to most of those questions, you may very well be experiencing the Fear of Success. This fear is the barrier to your prosperity. It is this fear you will need to confront in order to accomplish your goals. There are several factors that give rise to the Fear of Success when your goal setting for success-

  • Any alteration from our normal routine can be scary.
  • Although there is a certain amount of excitement associated with new ventures, the unknown can produce a degree of panic.
  • You may subconsciously be resisting the change and opting to settle for the familiar.
  • You may be wondering if you can live up to the demands of success.
  • There may be expectations from family and business partners that could produce undue stress.
  • Maintaining prosperity may be a great deal harder.
  • You may have to expend more time and energy.
  • * If you are a quiet person, you may not relish the attention your success may bring.
  • People will seek you out for advice or set you up as a role model.
  • You may feel pressured to keep up a certain image.
  • There is a fear of losing touch with your inner self.
  • You may resist the intrusion into your private life.

You may hold to the belief that success is an end in itself and once you accomplish all that you set out to do you may not experience the jubilance expected. The dread is that you will inherit the existence of unhappiness and discontent.

On the way to achieve success, one should be motivated towards their goal without bothering about the restriction. If you are looking for How to build self confidence then read our blog.

How to build self confidence

While you are making a plan for goal setting for success many thoughts may come in your mind as fear, that you have to overcome-

  • You may hold to the belief that you do not deserve to be financially successful.
  • Perhaps you think it is selfish to achieve wealth.
  • Or you might even think it is sinful to desire monetary achievement.
  • You may find yourself sabotaging your efforts to achieve and sustain success.
  • This might be manifest in work, in your relationships, and even in your personal growth.
  • A lack of effort towards your goals will be demonstrated.
  • This behavior could result in chronic underachievement.
  • Your motivation will wane, leaving you with little ambition to move forward.
  • When one has a Fear of Success decision-making becomes a task.
  • This can cause feelings of shame and guilt.
  • Instead of doing the things you need to do to move forward, you do the very things that will prevent your successes.
  • Your thinking is governed by chronic negativity and a pessimistic attitude.
  • You find it impossible to visualize yourself as successful and happy.
  • You may be thriving on the sympathy of others and are fearful that if you achieved the success you would lose that needed durance.

When it comes to your goal setting for success achievements, Fear of Success can be just as hindering as Fear of Failure, if not more so. One should focus on personality development tips to improve himself/herself.

Personal development tips

Generosity Is A Success Skill

This is just one of the many informative and insightful articles that you can read here. The resources available here have been created and written by the top experts in their respective fields.

Simone de Beauvoir once explained generosity as feeling as though you lost nothing by giving everything. This is the perfect way of explaining the word generosity and how it can lead us to success in life. Generosity is akin to heaven and it is befitting of all of us, human beings, to be generous, act generously, and be noble creatures.

According to the dictionary, generosity can be described as the liberality in giving or willingness to give; the nobility of thought or behavior; magnanimity. Now that we understand what generosity means, we’ll explore how and why being generous can make our ascent to the top easier.

Genuine generosity

In business, we all need to network, one way or the other, to make it to the top. Networking will not only make your journey more enjoyable, it will make your rise to the top more satisfying and the trip faster. When you are genuinely generous to others around you, you’re telling others that you’re not a selfish person and you’re willing to help if it is within your limitations. Expect nothing in return and they will offer their help in return when you need it the most.

It can be something as simple as connecting one person to another; Sally needs a copywriter and you know of a friend who is a freelance copywriter. I can be more complex and time consuming for you as well. You might hear of a friend who has been out of a job. Either way, the act of unselfishness will be remembered.

You will need help…if not now, someday

We can’t do everything ourselves. Even if we have the ability to do everything ourselves, we may have to take it very slowly and we may have to struggle along the way. Different people are equipped with self-improvement tips. So, by being generous to others, you’re opening the door to help when you need it.

This is not to say that you should be generous hoping that others will help you in return. Help generously and unconditionally and offer your assistance genuinely. No matter how hard you try to be generous, as soon as you’re doing it for something in return, people will categorize you as a fake, a double-headed snake or mistake you as someone who wants something out of them.

Expect nothing when you’re giving

If you’re expecting something in return for the favor that you’ve just performed for a friend, you’re not being generous. Being generous is a one-way street. Sure enough, if you’re a generous person, giving more than you’re getting back in return, you will find people rallying behind you and urging you on. This is an important part of networking and socializing that will benefit you personally.

You need to be generous to bring value to the relationship/friendship and this can be done by supporting others in reaching their goals. And if you generously offer your assistance to others without asking for anything in return, you will find others behind you, ready to lend a helping hand when you least expect them to.

That is the power of generosity. Tap into it.

Now wasn’t that a good article? If you’re disappointed that it’s come to an end, don’t worry. There are plenty of other articles on this website, equally interesting and well researched. There’s so much more you can learn—and you don’t have to waste your time going through other sites! Everything you need is right here.

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